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    ARROGANT!!! You had more then your "15 mins of fame" so, go the hell away.
  • You seen her in Cheetah Girls.She done so much more like her BYOU DVDS.She a great person what is there to say!

    Let me start off that I meet her in person.She is not a stuck up celeb or nothing like that!She was nice and charming.She started in a minor role for a Christmas movie.SHe then went into fame over night with the group Cheetah girls.She is great dancer as well.She started even in Dancing with the stars.She broke a record the first week.She even writes songs.She is a very down to earth chick.I really believe she is great role model.She kinda old and is in Disney channel you tell me.She one of my the top greats celeb out there.At least for me!!
  • Sabrina Bryan is so hot and love her.

    She looks so much like Mariah C. I look forward to all her upcoming projects. She looks fly and hot! She really communicates with her fan's on twitter. She is just one amazing person and so sexy. Wish I was the lucky man dating her. Keep being sexy and being so real and a beautiful women! Thanks for being so kind and replying to your fan's on twitter! I was stoked to get a reply back. You are one in a million Sabrina Bryan. I hope u do more acting, singing, dancing, writting, producing, reporitng, and much more. Hollywood needs more of you there keep moving on up I know u are doing that youo shinning star. Maybe even do broadway Sabrina. Stay Sexy and so real love that.xx
  • Great actress, singer, and dancer!

    Sabrina is an amazing person! She's a member of the Cheetah Girls and was on season 5 of Dancing with the Stars. I didn't really know much about the Cheetah Girls until I saw her on Dancing with the Stars. That show is my absolutely favorite show! It's amazing! Sabrina was phenomenal! I was really disappointed when she got voted off though. I thought for sure she was going to win. After she got voted off, I started listening to her music. It's pretty good. She's an awesome singer! I have yet to see the Cheetah Girl movies, but I have heard good things about them, so I'm sure I'll watch them soon.
  • Sick of Dancing with the Stars crap

    I'm so sick of hear about Dancing with the Stars! So a famous and/or rich woman didn't win on a competative T.V. show... boo hoo!!! What is this world coming to when this kind of crap trumps real issues going on in the world that should be reported on the news? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . .. .. .. . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . .
  • Sabrina Rocks!

    Sabrina is such a talented woman! People know her best from being a member of The Cheetah Girls, in the films and their music. Sabrina is a fantastic dancer and is taling part in season 5 of Dancing With The Stars. She is so amazing and on the first night you could tell that everyone loved her and they asked her and her partner to dance again because they were so good. She is also a good singer as we have seen in the Cheetah girls and a great actress aswell. Sabrina gives so much and puts in tons of effort and her hard work shows. She is a trendsetter and a great rolemodel and also very pretty.
    Well done Sabrina!
  • She seems really nice and is a decent actor but sometimes i feel that she is overrated.

    She seems like one of those people you just want to meet because of her attuide.She can't really sing that well though and she in the cheetah girl singing group which i think was a bad career choice for her i mean she can stay in tune but her voice is average.Her dancing video was cute and heard that it knock off weight over some people.It seems like when ever a girl is kind of pretty and on disney channel they decide to become a singer for some reason.I like her don't get me wrong just thats she new to the star and well not as talent as others and getting props for it.
  • She is a great a actress and singer

    She is a great a actress and singer can\'t wait for her Cd to come out and hope she gets her own Tv show or movie that\'ll be so great for her she needs to be recongized more!!! GO SABRINA!!!!
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    comments by fans:
    think Sabrina Bryan is awesome, because her work out video \"B-You\" made me lose a lot of weight. I went from 160 pounds to 120, I love Sabrina\'s music too, she rocks!


    Sabrina Bryan is a great inspiration for young girls. I don\'t have her exercise video, but maybe for my birthday I\'ll probably get it. I can use the video when I don\'t feel like excersing on the treadmill or the boke.


    Sabrina Bryan is great,There is finally a great way to lose weight in a fun way!\"B-You\" is a great excercise video and I think every girl should buy it.

    She is such a role model!!!!!!!!!!!!!