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    • Sabrina: I designed my school dance dresses, I'd met with a seam-stress and everything!

    • Sabrina: When I want to spend money,I definitely have to call my parents. Like, I wanted an expensive bag, and my dad was like, 'I do not want you to spend that much on a bag!' They would be upset with me if I just went ahead and did it.

    • Sabrina: If you have to have three items, it should be bronzer, mascara, and lip gloss.

    • Sabrina: Every meet and greet that we have after our shows, it's so amazing how many moms and dads thank us for being good role models.

    • Sabrina: We continuously make sure that our choreographer understands that the kind of choreography we do is appropriate for the audience. Plus, we make sure that all of the songs and skits that we do is appropriate, yet fun and cool, and has a lot of energy. We want them to go home and sing and do the dances that they see.

    • Sabrina: The best part is that everybody on the tour -- from our tour managers, our dancers -- have all become one big family. Not to mention that I'm getting to work with two of my best friends. It's so much fun. Every day we wake up and are just so thankful for being able to have the jobs that we have and having fun doing it.

    • Sabrina: It's just so amazing. We did Good Morning America and we have different interviews with magazines. We're just constantly going from one thing to the next. We are waking up every single morning at like four thirty in the morning, and working all day. The movie premiered, and it was so exciting.

    • Sabrina: Kiely and Adrienne are like my best friends. All three of us are working so hard to put out good material. We're so proud of the new movie, and we were so excited for the fans to see it, and also so excited for the fans to hear the new album. Now we're excited for fans to see our tour, and come out and watch us, and have a good time, and have an amazing time with us at our concert. I love it because we all have the same energy and want to be Cheetah Girls, and we just collaborate so well together. Especially with this tour being such a creative process for us. Just diving into the entire aspect of what it means to be an artist.

    • Sabrina: I like to get in comfy clothes and watch TV and hang out.