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  • She was ROBBED!

    Sabrina Sloan is best known as getting 14th place on American Idol Season 6. She is incredible! I wanted her to at least make the top 5. Her performance of Never Loved a Man The Way I Love You on top 24 night is probably one of the best EVER. That was sensational! I almost cried when she was voted off. I am still mad at Haley for beating her. Ugh her. Sabrina also performed Don't Let Go and All The Man That I Need on American Idol. I watch her top 24 performance so much. It's truly almost perfect.
  • Really good performer and amazing voice.

    Sabrina Sloan is an amazing performer and singer. The one thing she really lacks is personality to her performances. They all seem very dull, boring and at times copycat. After seeing her perform, you can't really remember what she had just done. Like I said, it lacks personality. She is great doing R&B and basically that's all she has really shown that she can do. R&B. She just really needs to find something special about her, something that makes her different from all those other R&B singers. Like Alicia, Beyonce and Fantasia, she can find something in her that is different. She has a truly amazing voice.