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    • Sabrina (when asked if she thinks the votes will continue to be split): I do. I think that ultimately the big voices might be split and it's a good position for the people who are separate from the group. I think that's why it's anyone's guess as to who will win it all.

    • Sabrina (when asked if she thought the votes were split with her and the other contestants with big voices): I do. And honestly I wanted to sing some songs that would have set me apart. A lot of the songs I wanted to sing, it didn't happen in time. It hurt me a little bit especially when Simon made the comment about who my competition was.

    • Sabrina (when asked on who she thought would win "American Idol"): I think it's going to be a girl this year. Melinda is obviously great, but I really can't tell. It's a crap shoot.

    • Sabrina (when asked if the judges should watch what they say): I'm sure they aren't thinking about it as they give the comments, but America definitely listens to them. I'd rather Simon not have made the hotel comment like he did. But knowing that they were shocked by me being voted off was definitely a consolation.

    • Sabrina (when asked what she was most looking forward to): I absolutely wanted to be in that Top 12 and sing with Diana Ross, so it's pretty hard.

    • Sabrina (when asked if she would go back to Broadway): I'm definitely thinking about a solo career. I'm not opposed to going back to Broadway if it's the right role. My 'Hairspray' days are over for sure. (Laughs)

    • Sabrina (when asked what was going through her mind when she was voted off): I was shocked too. I was definitely surprised and definitely hadn't prepared myself for going home -- especially because of the judges' comments. I took that into consideration and America took it into consideration and didn't feel the need to pick up the phone and vote.

    • Sabrina (on seeing Jennifer Hudson and what she has done without winning "Idol"): Once I got through the disappointment last night I really did say a prayer of just gratitude for being on the show for three weeks and having 37 million viewers watch me sing for three weeks and it's incredible. I love Jennifer Hudson and I am so happy for her and it is absolutely motivation that even if it takes a little time this is an awesome, awesome opportunity for so much more.

    • Sabrina (on what she would like the "American Idol" platform to do for her): Definitely that people would have seen me on the show. I've created a fanbase and the right people will be able to get in touch with me. Stuff I've written and music I'll still work on will get out there eventually.

    • Sabrina (on if she was shocked to be eliminated from "American Idol"): Definitely. Everybody wanted to be in the top twelve and we really kind of planned for it and hoped for it, ready to sing with Diana Ross next week and now. We were really looking forward to it so it's heartbreaking. It happens to everyone at some point.