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  • Excellent!

    Sacha Baron Cohen is possibly the best actor I've ever seen in films, as well as a brilliant comedian. He made Borat seem so real and believable it was amazing. His jokes in Borat had me wetting myself laughing and I don't see how he managed to keep a straight face through the comedy. Sacha Baron Cohen is so gifted.
  • the best film this guy has been in and also my favourite film is borat.

    this actor is the most talented person in the world well i think so anyway. borat the best film he has been in is just the best thing in the world I just could not stop laughing it is just that he is such a good actor and everbody has got to admit that because he is.the good thing about him is that he is not worried about what he has to do on tv he just does it . this guy has got to be the most funny person anyone has ever seen him in his movie borat .
  • empty

    Before the movie of Borat, everyone new him as being Ali Gi but I much prefer him as the genious he is as Borat. He is brilliant!
  • OMG, i loved him on \"Borat\"!

    He was soooooo funny in the movie <i>Borat</i>! I couldn\'t help myself from laughing soooo hard! Indeed, he\'s one talented man, if not the most! I totally look up to his role, Borat! But the movie was quite yucky though, lol. I don\'t mind...i had fun watching him to hilarious stuff! I look forwared to seeing Sacha in more movies/tv shows in the future! You rock my world, Sacha Baron Cohen! w00t!
  • As founder of the Borat Support Group, I would like to thank Borat for his world class leadership.

    In the coming months we will take donations to support the Kazakhstan Defense fund, which is supporting Borat in his efforts to uphold these important beliefs:

    1. Jews have no right to take Kazakhstan's money
    2. Men should have the right to shoot what they shoot for sport in the great country of Kazakhstan
    3. Clean prostitutes should be kept as a major national resource
    4. .KZ domains should not be restricted from those that say nasty things about Kazakhstan because freedom of speech is a world wide right
    5. Women should be allowed to travel outside Kazakhstan borders in order to enlighten them to their natural place in Kazakhstan society.

    The Kazakhstan Defense Fund may invest in one nuclear weapon, one cable channel, or any one of many options to make this stand a success.