Saki Miata





1/3/1971 , Hiroshima, Japan

Birth Name

Risako Takahashi



Born and raised till her age of 15 in Japan.
Then moved to Michigan along with her parents for her father's business and finished her BS in math at the Univ. of Michigan. Worked for JPMorgan in Tokyo but stepped into the acting world when she was admitted to an amature theatre company "Kiza" organized by her favourite writer, Shusaku Endo. Quit JPMorgan and entered into one of the three prestigious acting school in Japan, Bungakuza. Worked at Tokyo Broad Casting Systems during the day and studied acting six nights a week. After one year of it, flew to Hollywood and fell in love with the city full of filming business. Went to the Lee Strusburg Theatre Institute for 9 months then started her acting career in the USA.
TV credits include: Curb Your Enthusiasm, Wasteland, South Park "Chinpokomon" episode.
Film credits include: City of Lost Souls, The Ultimate Game, Stuart Bliss, Layover, Back Home Again, Scorched.