Saleisha Stowers

Saleisha Stowers


1/10/1986, Los Angeles, California

Birth Name

Saleisha Stowers



Also Known As

Saleisha Cooper
  • Cycle 9 Participant - Saleisha
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Saleisha is the winner of America's Next Top Model Cycle 9. Her occupation prior to winning was a receptionist.


Trivia and Quotes

  • OMG I wish any other person in that cycle won over her. I really, really, really hate her

    I thought, when I first watched the season, she'd be really cool. I disliked Bianca and I liked how she was fighting with Bianca. But then all the stuff about knowing Tyra and her past experience was known, and I found myself constantly thinking she didn't deserve to be in the competition. I really wanted Lisa to win, and I was disappointed when she was eliminated. I didn't really like Jenah, Chantal or Saleisha and I wanted Lisa and Sarah in the final 2. Or Heather, coz let's face it, Heather was cool. I didn't like how Saleisha sucked up to the judges and how Tyra seemed to favour her over everyone else. "Saleisha's a girl I feel needs this" -Tyra. HELLO?!!! They all need it. Otherwise they wouldn't be on ANTM. I also hated Saleisha's haircut (which wasn't her fault, it was Tyra's). Tyra, the hair didn't make her edgy and cool - it made her look like Dora the Explorer!moreless
  • She is ugly!! she should disqualifed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IhateSaleisha

    I hate Saleisha so much! She is ugly and worst winner ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She should disaqualifed for haved appeared cycle 6, wendy's commerical, tyra banks show and ugly betty!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Jenah should winner!! Stupid Saleisha!!!!!!!! soooooo uuugggggggllllllieeeeeesssssssstttttttt her covergirl is worst ever!!!!!!!!!!! Her flower is worst photos she should eliminated early!!!!! IhateSaleisha. Chantal should win!!!!! I h a t e S a l i s h a. s h e i s u g l i e s t a n d w o r s t w i n n e r. Should eliminated third early. Tyra should not choose her as winnermoreless