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Salli Richardson-Whitfield

Salli Richardson-Whitfield


11/23/1967, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Birth Name

Salli Elise Richardson



Also Known As

Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Salli Elise Richardson, Salli Richardson Whitfield, Salli Richardson
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Salli Elise Richardson-Whitfield was born in Chicago Illinois on November 23, 1967. She is an American actress born to Marcia Harris, a African American and Cherokee mother and Duel Richardson an Italian and Irish father. Salli was raised in Chicago, that is where she played high school tennis,…more


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    • Salli: I think I've always wanted to perform.

    • Salli: I try to do some physical activity each day, even if it's just walking my dogs up into the hills.

    • Salli: I was so excited playing Bill Cosby's daughter. Also, I got to play a spy.

    • Salli: In this business you really need someone who's going to be there no matter what, she says. It's hard for people in this business to trust, but I nave a manager I completely trust.

    • Salli: I was losing a lot of jobs because the other people had more notoriety than I did.

    • Salli: I don't think there's anything else I've ever wanted to do. My mother used to run a recording studio in Chicago and I used to sit in the studio and watch all the bands record. I was interested in singing. I would sing to Minnie Riperton records. I was always in a choir, and I have a song on the soundtrack of "Posse".

    • Salli: People think that I am Persian, Indian, East Indian, Spanish, everything. People think that I am everything. Nobody knows what I am. And that was a problem when I was first working because it was like, 'She doesn't really look this or that.' Now people know who I am and it is not a problem. If I get some work, I'll just have to get the work looking like me.

    • Salli: The things that are most important to me are my close friends, my family, and being good to them. The people I've met in LA have been wonderful. Its great to be living here.

  • Should have been a bigger star

    i think that Salli Richardson Whitefield is a great actress. I really enjoy her on the new series Eureka, which is my favorite show and her character happens to be my favorite. In my opinion I think that Salli is a great actress, and I eally enjoy almost every project she has been in. I like that she can play different types of characters and the fact that she can play in shows or tv shows of different genres and the fact that she is very good at it. I would love to see more projects of Salli especially movies.moreless