Sally Kirkland

Sally Kirkland


10/31/1941, New York,New York ,USA

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Sally Kirkland was born in New York on October 31, 1941 to Frederick McMichael Kirkland, who worked in the scrap metal industry and Sally Kirkland who was the fashion editor at Vogue and LIFE magazines. Sally began acting Off-Broadway in 1962. She began acting in Hollywood with small…more


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    • Sally: I have married thirteen couples. I am about to do a marriage next month.

    • Sally: I certainly was one of the instigators in the 1960s of freedom of expression.

    • Sally: I suppose if I wanted to be the girl next door, I could have been. I think America is confused by someone who appears to be sexual and spiritual at the same time.

    • Sally: I made a conscious decision back then that I would rather be the best actress who ever lived than the most famous.

    • Sally: We wear our hearts on our sleeves and if people come at us with negativity, our strength, our armor is that the Sword of Truth.

    • Sally: For me, my salvation has always been painting, dancing, directing, producing, playing piano, writing poetry-creativity.

    • Sally: When I was growing up watching Marilyn Monroe, I learned that you can be very beautiful, very glamorous and very vulnerable and not give up your soul just because you are a movie star.

    • Sally: The only thing I could think of to do was to be an actress.

    • Sally: Rehab? I have been in a mental hospital, but I have never been to rehab.