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Sally Lindsay

Sally Lindsay


5/21/1972, Stockport, Cheshire

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Sally Lindsay


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    • Sally: (on cheating in pub quizzes) I always text a mate or go to the loo and ring people. I used to go to a quiz in The Ox with Suranne and Antony and I'd always call Steve. He's like an encyclopaedia.

    • Sally: (on her dancing abilities) I have moves I learned in the Hacienda and I still think 15 years later that I can do them. I dance like an arse, thinking I'm brilliant.

    • Sally: (on her most embarrassing drunken moment) When I was in Corrie, Suranne Jones and I couldn't be bothered to wait for a taxi. So we jumped on the back of a milk float.

    • Sally: (on drinking) I know it sounds really grumpy but I don't see the point of getting really drunk in about one second. Drinking to me is about conversation and relaxing, not just getting leathered.

    • Sally: (on wanting children) I'm really broody. I love kids. A palm reader predicted I'll marry and have a baby soon. But the trouble is I haven't found Mr Right.

    • Sally: If you want to look thin and it's important to you, then that's great – it's not important to me.

    • Sally: (on reality TV) I don't like Big Brother, and I hate the jungle, I think it's pointless. Eating kangaroo's bollocks? What for?

    • Sally: (on Coronation Street) When you're in Coronation Street, there's never an end to the 12-hour days. I don't miss the grueling schedule – it becomes your life, a year's gone by and you don't even know.

    • Sally: (on life after Coronation Street) I don't miss being that famous. It's strange being in Corrie – you're as famous as someone from Hollywood, but you're as approachable as somebody's mum. Literally, I'll be on the loo, and people will put toilet paper under the door and say, 'Can you sign this?'

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