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    One of the finest, prettiest, and best Mexican actresses of our times. She is surely recognized worthwhile as one of the best actresses coming from Mexico, and I agree with them. Certainly, some of her movies are not among the greatest, but she certainly puts a lot of effor and certainly she really is a good actress.
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    I fell in Love with Salma with "Fools rush in".
    Salma risked it all for Hollywood, but it paid off, and America fell in love.
  • A very talent mexican actress.

    I just love Salma Hayek! She is not only a beautiful latina but she also very talented. I have followed Salma Hayek since "Desperados". I loved her in 'fools Rush In". i am also a mexican-american woman and my family is from the same area as Salma is from. She is a excellent role model for all women. She is a very postive women for anyone to look up to. I am so happy that she decided to costar in Ugly Betty and I have started watching that show more. She is a excellent actress and she is very talented and I hope to see her accomplish more.
  • She\'s more than just a pretty face . . . but she DOES have a pretty face.

    It was a risky career move for Salma to come to Hollywood and try to get involved in show business. She could have just stayed in Mexico where she was a very successful actress on a soap opera. Obviously her risk paid off though!

    Salma says she doesn\'t diet because it makes her "b*tchy." Good for her. Life is too short not to enjoy food, Salma!

    Salma is an intelligent woman. I\'ve read two articles in Marie Claire where she spoke out against domestic violence and she also spoke at an anti-violence rally on Capitol Hill once. The reason she wanted to star in and produce the movie about Frida Kahlo was because she knew all about Frida\'s life and her art. I also like Frida and have prints of hers in my living room. And I like watching Salma get interviewed because she is usually articulate and funny.