Sam Atwell





4/6/1979 , Nambour, Queensland, Australia

Birth Name

Samuel Atwell




Born on the 6th April, 1979 in Nambour, Sam went to Indonesia for 6 years and then the family headed back to Queensland where he grew up in Brisbane.

Sam has always had a passion for acting and pursued speech and drama courses throughout school. He actually did some work with Channel Seven at the end of primary school, Children's TV for UNICEF and also completed a short film made for television.

Throughout high school Sam says that he had a great drama teacher from grade 8 who helped him gain a part in Bell Shakespeare, Richard III.

In grade 11, with the help of teachers and other students Sam formed a theatre company through the school. The theatre company produced plays such as 'Property of the Clan', 'All Stops out' and 'Dags'. Sam was also credited being the first drama captain in his school's history.

Sam attended the Queensland University of Technology where he completed a Bachelor of Arts in Acting before moving to Sydney at age 20.

His credits include 'City Loop' an independent film completed while at Uni, 'The Wayne Manifesto', 'All Saints' and the Hal McElroy film 'Mr Reliable'.

Sam just finished a film called 'Acting Out' with Lara Cox before returning to Home and Away to take up the role of Kane Phillips again.

In his spare time, Sam loves going to the movies, reading, writing and is trying to produce a short film this year as well as working on his own theatre and film company.

He has produced his own plays including Savage/Love which he co produced and starred in alongside former Home and Awayer Stephanie Chaves-Jacobsen and Leah Pappin.