Sam Horrigan





8/23/1981 , Sacramento County, California

Birth Name

Samuel Emmett Horrigan




Sam Horrigan was born and raised in Davis, Ca. and has starred in over 30 movies and Televison shows since he started acting at the age of ten. Some of his most recognized parts include Spike in Little Giants, Val in the Disney Channel Movie Brink!, and a three year role as Quentin Kelly on the hit TV show Grace Under Fire.. You also might recognize him from One Tree Hill, 8 Simple Rules for dating my Teenage Daughter, the movie Bar Starz, Veronica Mars, Oliver Beene, Quintuples, Accepted.. etc, etc, etc.

In 2007 he played the male beauty in the hit reality show Beauty and the Geek which was a cross between Joey on friends and Luskin for Quintuplets. Many people recognized him but no one could tell if he was acting because he never broke character even in the publicity news interviews following the show.
Adding the wild Male beauty character to the show with Sam's hilarious one-liners made it the highest rated season in the shows history.

Most recently Sam has appeared in CSI-Crime Scene Investigation where he played a similar character to the one he created for Beauty and the Geek who referred to himself as the Man-ceptionist(Manager Receptionist). Later on in the show we find out that he is in fact a cold-blooded killer. A very good part to show Sam Horrigan's wide range of acting abilities. In his free time he likes to give back by doing charity work and play sports with his long-time girlfriend.
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