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  • i've only ever seen Sam Horrigan in one programme, Desperate Housewives however he really left an impression me as he was a really good actor and showed diversity - even though he was only in the show for a few minutes, he left me wishing there was more o

    When Sam Horrigan came on screen as i was watching Desperate Housewives i was like "wow who is this guy?". Being perfectly honest i've only ever seen him in this programme however he's the sort of person you really wanna see more of; very endeering so to speak. It was really a shame there was only a few minutes of Sam in the show as he seemed like he's be a very good character - comical as well as goodlooking. As an actor unfortunately he seems to be a little underated as he's a really great actor and i really hope we see more of him in the future!