Sam Huntington

Sam Huntington


4/1/1982, Peterborough, New Hampshire, USA

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  • Sam Huntington as Josh on Being Human.
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Sam Huntington was born in Peterborough, New Hampshire, on April 1 (no kidding), 1982. His father owns a cabinet making company and his mother is an actress, playwright, singer, sometime drama and dance teacher, and currently serves as Sam's manager. Sam is very close to his parents and…more


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    • Sam: It's going to be an all out brawl in the next one. It's going to be some serious stuff going on between the Man of Steel and myself, the new Man of Steel. The Man of Iron is what I'm going to call myself (on the Superman sequel)

    • Sam: Hopefully some kind of trouble where he has to rescued and fly (on what he would like his character Jimmy to do in the next Superman film).

    • Sam: I know the whole plot and I'm going to tell you know, I know nothing, I don't think they have even started writing it yet. (on the Superman Sequel)

  • Sam's been around for awhile, but he never popped as much as he has on Cavemen. Yeah, yeah... it's hard to tell them all apart from a distance. But when they open their mouths, they have very distinct characters-- and his---ANDY, steals the show!moreless

    Sam Huntington brings such life to the character of Andy, the little brother Cavemen-- always unpredictable and hilarious in his own right, next to the steadfast Joel and the predictably whiny Nick. Not that we don;t love those other guys-- but it's hard not to love Andy the most. He truly pops as the goofy little brother-- and he keeps you guessing as you never know what he will say or do next. I think about what his lines look like on paper, and no matter how boring they might be, he always finds a way to infuse them with some sort of charactery shtick to make them all his own. His facial expressions are awesome-- and he keeps the energy up at all times. I am just so impressed with this kid as an actor-- to make us care about a guy in that make-up-- WELL DONE!!!~moreless