Sam Lloyd

Sam Lloyd


6/17/1963, Weston, Vermont, USA

Birth Name

Samuel Lloyd



Also Known As

Ted Buckland
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Trivia and Quotes

  • This is one funny guy!

    Until today when writing this review I did not know Sam's name but was absolutely certain he is one of the few guys who can really crack me up on television. When he plays Ted the accountant, I find myself bursting out every moment he opens his mouth to speak let alone the times when whatever he does cracks me up. I believe either he has not been exposed appropriately or many directors and scouts are passing on a multi -talented actor that has a natural stride in him.He gives scrubs that additional touch that makes it a comedy drama in its own class. Absolutely marvellous!moreless
  • Sam is an incredible actor, hes funny, has a great voice and can act out quite a few characters to a high level.

    I believe that Sam Lloyd is most appreciated by his role as "Theodore Buckland" in Scrubs. He has appeared in 77 (out of a possible 139) scrubs episodes. He is the hospitals legal attorney and most of time, Dr. Kelso's (Ken Jenkins) assistant.

    His character has many problems, he lost his hair at an early age, he still lives with his mom and it took him 5 attempts to pass the legal bar exam because he has stress induced dislyexia. In many scenes of scrubs is his clumsy and has recently been named the hospitals sad sack by Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley).

    Other appearances include: Desperate Housewives, Malcom in the Middle and Spin City (created by Bill Lawrence, who also created Scrubs).moreless