Sam McMurray





4/15/1952 , New York City, New York, USA

Birth Name

Sam McMurray




Sam McMurray was born April 15, 1952, in New York City, New York. McMurray began his acting career by performing in The Merry Wives of Windsor at Delacorte Theatre in New York City. From there he went on to build an acting career in film. His film debut was in the 1976 film The Front, in this film McMurray played a young vagrant boy. Other films that McMurray appeared in include National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Drop Dead Gorgeous, L.A. Story, The Wizard, C.H.U.D., and A Holiday Engagement. McMurray has also made several appearances on TV series including The Tracy Ullman Show, Friends, The King of Queens, Disney's Recess and The Sopranos. In 1989, Sam McMurray was the first actor to voice guest star on the animated TV series The Simpsons. McMurray is best known for his performance in the 1987 film Raising Arizona. In 1998, McMurray co-produced the Tristar comedy production of Slappy and the Stinkers.