Sam Moran





4/4/1978 , Sydney, Australia

Birth Name

Samuel Alexander Moran




Sam first joined The Wiggles in 1998 and was the host of their Australian spinoff, The Dorothy the Dinosaur Show. He's best known in the show for his operatic solos and holding long notes as Professor Singalottasonga. He also dances with the group in videos and concert tours. On the Wiggles record albums, he's one of their main singers known as The Manzillas. In November 2006, he officially became the new yellow Wiggle. In 2006, he married Wiggle Dancer Lyn Stuckey.

In 2012, Greg Page came back and replaced Sam as the Yellow Wiggle. He has since left The Wiggles company. In May 2013, he began hosting a new pre-school chldren's live-action series called Play Along with Sam which was nominated for an ARIA, ASTRA, and Logie award.