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    • According to the interview with Sam's mother, Sam was born in Bankstown in Sydney, but when he was five months old, he and his family moved back to Wagga.

    • Sam's daughter, Eloise Isabella Moran, was born on January 18, 2010.

    • Sam is participating in the World AIDS Day Concert on November 30, 2008 in Sydney. This is a tribute concert for the late Australian singer/songwriter Peter Allen.

    • Sam mentioned in a newspaper article that he was considering being an IT computer guy before going into singing.

    • Sam and Dorothy the Dinosaur presented one of the awards at the 5th annual ASTRA awards on April 23, 2007.

    • Sam's primary and secondary schools include: Tolland Public School, Mt. Austin High School, and Kooringal High School, all located in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales. Kooringal has been recognized as a "centre of excellence in Performing Arts".

    • Sam has participated in the following plays and musicals outside of shows involving The Wiggles.
      Forever Plaid - he plays Jinx
      Sunday in the Park with George
      Sweeney Todd
      Seven Little Australians

    • Sam originally met The Wiggles cast while performing on a musical called Evie and the Birdman which was written by Anthony's brother, John Field. He also was as a vocalist in Haste to the Wedding, which was produced by Anthony and his other brother Paul Field.

    • Sam toured as the Host on the Dorothy the Dinosaur and Friends concert tours.

    • Sam Moran became the official Yellow Wiggle on November 30, 2006 when Greg Page announced his retirement due to medical conditions.

    • Sam understudied for Greg Page, the Yellow Wiggle, on the Wiggles concert tours through 2006. He estimates at least 150 show appearances before he officially became the Yellow Wiggle.

    • At the Wiggles concert for Sailing Around the World, when the dancers put on outfits from different countries, Sam dresses up coincidentally as Uncle Sam, and carries the flag for the United States.

    • Sam has performed the Barcarolle song on several Wiggles videos. On Santa's Rockin' he performs as Sam Moran, and on Sailing Around the World, he performs as Professor Singalottasonga.

    • Sam is helping out with singing for the Spanish version of The Wiggles.

    • Sam studied classical voice training at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music from 1997-1998. He was planning on becoming a high school music teacher but left the program when he joined The Wiggles.

    • Sam married Wiggles cast member Lyn Stuckey on October 2, 2006. They had their ceremony at Bradley's Head in Sydney.

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