Sam Page

Sam Page


11/5/1976, Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, USA

Birth Name

Samuel L. Elliott



Also Known As

Samuel Page, Samuel Paige, Samuel L. Elliot, Nathan Watkins, Samuel B. Elliott
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Sam graduated from Princeton University in 1998 with a Bachelor's degree in ecology and evolutionary biology. In his senior year at Princeton University, he wrote his thesis on the mating habits in the Eastern mosquito fish; this was later published in the science journal Current Biology.


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    • Sam: (advice to people who want to get into acting business) Get into it with everything you have. Learn as much about every aspect as you can.

    • Sam: (when he knew he wanted to become an actor) It was during my senior year at Princeton. I came home and told my mom and dad I was moving to Hollywood to become an actor. I don't think the mystique of the "struggling actor" was the allure for me. When I arrived in California, I knew I had a lot to learn as an actor, as opposed to someone who had already made acting an art for him or herself. You see pretty quickly there are some guys that have it and some that do not.

    • Sam: (about his first impression of Hollywood) One thing I found out after being in Hollywood for four years is that success doesn't just "happen" to anybody. It's good copy in magazines to say this guy was picked up off the street or he drove his friend to an audition and he ended up getting the part. But that doesn't happen.

  • a very versatile actor !

    The movie Annie Claus is coming to town... The male lead is Sam Page. I was watching a movie tonight .It was In the Dark. The male lead looked familiar. The part he played in this different from the Hallmark film;He was not a very nice guy in this one. It was Sam Page. Quite a variety of parts.
  • Sam Page is a great talent who is under used. From his film debut as Calvin in David DeCoteau's "Prison of the Dead" to his starring role in the upcoming production "Redline," one can't help but be focused on him anytime he is on the screen.moreless

    I can't understand why Sam Page has used more aliases (Samuel B. Elliott, Sam Page, and Nathan Watkins)than David DeCoteau (Julian Breen, Ellen Cabot, Richard Chasen, Eric Mancini, Jack Reed, Victoria Sloan, Martin Tate, and Joseph Tennent). Now he has left the tlevision program "Shark." His magnetic looks and skillful performances are standouts in any production he is in. I feel fortunate at having seen most of his films. Perhaps his most sexually seething performance to date is in DeCoteau's "The Brotherhood" the film became the first in a series of four Brotherhood productions. However Page only plays in the first one.

    Casting directors have recognized his HOT looks and engaging personality since his role in MTV's risque "Undressed" He is a graduate of Princeton University with a BA in ecology and evolutionary biology! Hopefully he will develop into a major A List actor as time unfolds.moreless