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Sam Register was the Vice President of Cartoon Network and creator of the series Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi and is also the executive producer of the show. He made Teen Titans a popular anime show. He also helps out on the show Ben 10.


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  • This man has changed my life so much.

    I had no idea who he was until Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi came on. I saw he was the creator and when I watched Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi I was amazed at what a good job he did. I have never seen a show so awsome, good looking, and funny. Thats why its my favorite show. If Sam never created Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi I wouldn't be as happy as am these days. I hate the fact CN is treating his show badly, but I hope he can work out something in the future and get things straytin out.

    5 out of 5.moreless
  • GO SAM!!!!

    Sam Register did a wonderful jobs on 2 shows of Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi and Teen Titans!!!! Way to Go Sam!!!! Sam Register is my favorite cartoon creator. I hope Sam Register brings that show back on CN. It's been on hiatus for over a year now and still is. I hope is comes back on CN site too. Please Sam Register, bring Puffy back. I love that show very very very very very very much!!!! I'll love that show forever. Forever for the rest of my life. Sam Register always did great with the shows. Even Puffy. Sam Register you rock!!!!moreless