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  • How.Dare.He.

    He does a very poor voice acting job on animes like Naruto, especially in the case of Shino. Sam makes the voice very husky and out of character. Besides, shino would say the whole word (I am referring to the episode where the 9 genin are all assembled and chouji almost steps on a bug. Shino says: Thought you hadn't seen it. Didn't want you steppin on it).
    Yes, his crappy job on Naruto, is what Im using for his rating but you know what? He ruined an awesome character, and made their voice sound so crappy that I always chuckle warmly when Shino is on. How dare Sam Regal ruin the awesomeness that is Shino?!?!?!?! He made shino sound lame. *sulk*