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  • One of my favorite voice actors

    Like Matt Hill, Samuel Vincent is one of the best voice actors ever! He does the voices to some of my favorite characters. He did Hikaru in Hikaru no Go, he did Double D in Ed, Edd n Eddy, he did Athrun Zala in Gundam SEED, and SEED Destiny, and he did Dexter in Hamtaro. In my mind, he has alot of talent, and has acting is so cool. He did an awesome job with Double D. Overall, awesome guy, does the voices of many of my favorite anime characters, sharp satire, and one of the best. I hope I can meet him someday! Sometimes it happens.
  • I never knew him before watching stormhawks, but now...

    I think he is a very talented voice actor, he is able to do such a variety of voices! I also love how his characters are so different from eachother, yet he's able to capture each of them so easily, you ultimatly get the feel of that character! Just a great voice actor. I think it's funny how he can go from a high voice to a low voice so easily, I love how he does that! He voices two main characters in Storm Hawks, and their voices are very different from each other, which is why I found it amazing that they were voiced my the same person!
  • A very talented voice actor!

    I've always liked 'Ed, Edd n' Eddy' ever since it was first on Cartoon Network and I've always really liked his voice for Edd (Double D), he does a very good comical young voice for him. He also really does a good job with Sonic's singing voice in 'Sonic Underground', it fits Jaleel White's Sonic voice very well and it's defenitly the best singing voice I've ever heard for Sonic (aside from Jaleel White himself singing in an episode of 'Sonic the Hedgehog' (AKA SatAM)). I think he was a very good choice for Krypto's voice in 'Krypto the Superdog' even though that show wasn't really that great (no effence intended to anyone who likes it but I think that show could have been better), it sounded very heroic like Superman which I feel like Krypto was meant to sound. 3 more voices I really like Samuel Vincent as are Baby Bugs, Baby Daffy and Baby Tweety in 'Baby Looney Tunes', they really sound like good choices for young voices for them.
  • My other main man!!!

    Samuel vincent is my other voice favorite voice actors. Samuel Vincent did the voice of one of the charaters in ed edd n eddy and thats Edd. It`s weird that the voice he has does not match his look but thats still very cool. I cant beileve he did the voice of baby bugs, baby daffy, and baby tweety in baby looney tunes. They all sound just like the regalar old looney tune voices. I love Samuel vincent as much as Rob paulsen, Jess harnell, Tress macneille, Tom kenny, Tara strong, Maurice laMarche, Matt hill, and Tony samson. I dont know what else to say but you know what I mean when I say that Samuel vincent is my other favorite voice actors.
  • Sameul Vincent[sometimes called Sam Vincent or Sam Khoff]is a cartoon voice.He is well known for doing Double Dee on Ed,Edd and Eddy.He also does voices on Baby Loney Tunes,Hamtaro,Krypto the Superdog and Martin Mystery.He is well known for his voices.

    Sameul Vincent is the best.He does the voices of Double Dee and Dexter who are my used to be favorites.Most importanly,He does Martin Mystery and my favorite chracter,Billy!Sameul Vincent is really made for this talent.I really wish I knew how he talked.Then I can prove how great he can diwsguise his voice.The first time I got intrested with him is when I found out he did Double Dee.Then I found out he used to do Dexter.The best thing about Sameul is that almost none of his chracters sound the same in my opionion.Sameul Vincent is the best.He bought cartoon chracters voices to life.
  • One of the voice actors that voiced Julian Star in "Cardcaptors".

    Samuel Vincent is a very talented voice actor because he voiced Julian Star in "Cardcaptors". He is a very kind and generous person for all characters, but somehow, he scares Li Showron for unknown reasons. But it was a shame that even though he voiced Julian, he didn't voice his tranformation, Yue. Overall, I rate him a 100%!
  • I've always been a fan of his work, and never even known it until now.

    Samuel Vincent has a very talented voice. I know him best from his work on Krypto the Superdog as (who else) Krypto. I've also heard him in Baby Looney Toons when I still watched it, and I never knew that it was him until I actually bothered to check. He has great emotion when it comes to his acting, and I've loved his work on Krypto, as he perfectly portraits the voice of Superdog as heroic and energetic. He'll soon have some more work as Krypto's voice in the up-and-coming season two of Krypto the Superdog (actually, from the time of writing this review, it starts tomorrow!). All in all, he remains to date one of my favorite voice actors.
  • A great voice actor, but I only know him from one show.

    Samuel Vincent provides the voice for Edd on "Ed, Edd, n' Eddy". I think that he does a great job while doing his voice. He makes Edd sound smart, like he should sound, but he can make him funny at times, too. He has a great voice. He is talented, but I only know him from this show. From what I've seen him in, I'd say that he is a great voice actor.
  • Sorry, after hearing his voicing on Hikaru No Go as Hikaru...It just killed all the japanese pronounciations and more...Since I own the original Hikaru No Go in Japanese Format..The voice match-up wasnt very good.

    His Voice certainly is talented but not for a twelve year old boy who plays a board game. His other voice match up almost sounds like Yugioh... he is overrated since he is voicing anime children. The others such as Iceman or Numberman on Megaman NT Warrior are ok but annoying after awhile. Other's I do not know so I'll just write the letter "A" as fill in. A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A
  • Favorite voice-ist (if that's a word)and actor of all time!!!

    Samuel Vincent is the best voice actor of our time, with my personal favorite roles of Martin and Billy in Martin Mystery. He should be a way bigger star than he is now. His absolutely super smooth voice and his ability to change tone is amazing. He also has so many different roles I don't know about in other shows too, so if he's in them they must be good! I can't wait to catch the latest episode of Martin Mystery!
    Keep up the fabulous work, Samuel!
  • I like him.

    My favorite characters that he's done are Julian from Cardcaptors, Dexter from Hamtaro, Baby Marvin from Baby Loony Tunes, and Double-D from Ed Edd N Eddy. He's got a really awesome talent, though much of his characters sound the same, at least we know it's him and enjoy it. I also liked him as Forge from X-Men Evolution.
  • He has one talented voice!

    He has done a great job voice acting in cartoons as well as anime dubs. Most of the cartoons and anime that he has voice acted are my favorites that I watch daily, including Ed, Edd n Eddy and Martin Mystery. Unlike most anime dub voice actors, he has that special tone in his voice that makes him stand out from the rest.
  • Very talented voice actor who has starred in many cartoons and anime.

    Samuel Vincent is a very talented voice actor who has done many roles in t.v shows and anime. I couldnt believe that he was the voice of Bugs Bunny,Daffy,Tweety and Marvin the martian in Baby Looney Tunes AND he does the voice of Athrun Zala in Gundam Seed and Julian Star in Cardcaptors. It takes talent to do such different roles and proves that he is a versatile voice actor.