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  • Sam Waterston is without a doubt one of the best TV actors I have ever watched. I am furious that Law and Order was cancelled after 20 years without even the decency to give the show a proper send-off. Very unproffesional for a major network!

    I watched Law and Oder episodes for years. Sam Waterston, as the Assistant DA and then the DA, was the best. I always felt the shows followed proper legal procedures as best they could. Their work with the NYPD made for a great combination. I was really mad when the show was cancelled without so much as a by-your-leave. Poor public relations, NBC!! I felt here was always a little element of suspense. No, they did not always win; let's face it, that is real life. But even when they lost, unfairly, the show was produced in an excellent manner. Sam Waterston carried those shows with aplomb. I hope he finds whatever role he desires now that the show is over. The other Law and Order spinoffs, with the exception of Special Victims, cannot hold a candle to this show.
  • Are you kidding? Sam is the best TV actor ever.

    Everyone knows Sam MADE Law and Order what it is today. MOST Awesome show ever. Sam is the perfect ADA and if they get rid of him, or he retires...I'll have a fit. Even does great as the "new" Adam Schiff (sp?) Sam has been on the show longer than anyone except "Anita", her name escapes me at the moment. He has done it all. Bring back Clair for a few shows and let them hook up. That would be awesome. Anyway, Sam Waterston is so convincing in all his roles on tv - it would be insane to not give him a 10 in this rating system!!
  • I like Sam Waterston in every single performance except Law & Order.

    In the show Law & Order that Sam Waterston plays Jack McCoy all Jack McCoy wants to do is get everyone arrested for the money even though they did not do anything and I find that tacky. And he will do anything to get everyone arrested no matter what the outcome may be in the show. I think that Sam Waterston should retire to another show that does not ruin his reputation. If Sam Waterston was a star on one of my favorite shows then he would be my favorite too but I'm not a fan of Law & Order so O well. I wish he would get a main role on 24 then I would like him a lot better because 24 is my favorite show.
  • Sam never ceases to amaze us onscreen, and prefers to keep his private life private-- a trait that is nothing short of admirable, given the sickening overkill of the media spotlight when it comes to the majority of today's celebs...

    Sam is my favorite actor of all-time, hands down. One of the most respectable things about him is that he doesn't do the whole "Hollywood scene", and doesn't constantly vie for media attention- instead, he is likely the most down-to-earth actor out there, doing what he does best- turning in top-rate performances- and constantly giving generously of his time to several of his favorite charities and worthy causes-- all the while remaining "low-key", and not trying in any way to garner any unwarranted attention from the media in the way of himself or his family- what a guy! :)
  • I've always been a fan of this wonderfully talented and handsome actor.

    This man has been lending his style and class to great shows for as long as I can remember, starting with I'll Fly Away- where he played, yes, another lawyer- and, of course, continuing on with Law and Order, one of the all time great shows, largely because of Mr. Waterstons contributions. He has a deep talent and charisma that is only matched by his intellect and rugged good looks, and I'm convinced that without his contribution to Law and Order, it would not have lasted nearly as long as it has. I try and see the plays that he does as well during his hiatus, and he's a wonderful stage actor as well. I don't think there is anything this talented man cannot do.
  • Sam Waterston's portrayal of ADA/DA Jack McCoy is outstanding.

    Sam Waterston's performance in Law & Order from his gritty presentations in the court room, to the behind the stage issues in the office and on the street are great. He doesn't sell himself short, and he doesn't try to over-sell. He knows exactly what he needs to do to sell the believability of Jack McCoy, and he does it to the best of his ability, leaving nothing to spare. While Moriarty may have been the original on Law & Order, I can easily watch Sam Waterston for much longer than I can him.
    People should stop trying to over-sell characters and flowery language, when it comes to playing attorneys who BELIEVE in what they're doing. Sam Waterston has set the perfect model for the role, and there's no doubt that he should be remembered for this accomplishment.
  • Finally a star!

    After years of being playing supporting roles in tv and movies
    Sam is finally a star and at first I didn't like him as Jack McCoy as I began to withdrawl from Ben Stone syndromes
    As I missed Michael Morarity a lot
    But then he warmed up on me and I guess it is good that
    You give an actor a chance and just character development!
  • Best actor on "Law & Order" at the moment.

    Since Jerry Orbach left "Law & Order" last year several months before his death, he is easily its best actor. In my opinion, he and Steven Hill were the only actors on the series who could even hold their salt to Orbach.

    Waterston is simply excellent as the rather unconventional prosecutor Jack McCoy and is far better than his predecessor, Michael Moriarty, who played Ben Stone. He is far more ruthless, but in a good way, and I love the way he often bends, but never breaks, the rules to get a conviction. This makes him a far more compelling, interesting and unpredictable compared to Stone who was fairly conventional in terms of his prosecution style. It is easy to see why he was held in contempt several times.

    Some of his lines rival Orbach's such as "So you're not a psychologist, you just play one on the radio?" Classic line that made me laugh out loud and just goes to show you his unconventional style as he more or less mocking a witness.

    Easily the second greatest actor in the show's history. It is easy to see why he was Oscar nominated for Best Actor. I just hope he stays with it until it ends. Him leaving would be its death knell without a doubt.
  • Sam Waterston is a wonderful actor, and I would like to commend him for his role as Jack McCoy!

    I've always loved the character of Jack McCoy on Law & Order. Now, I have an all new reason. My son was born February 21st and the first show he ever heard on the TV in my hospital room was Law & Order. Ever since then, the only other voices that will calm him down besides my own and his father's is the voice of "Jack McCoy". My son is now four months old and will sit for the entire hour and besides commercials be very quiet watching the show. I had to tape it to take with me in his diaper bag when he goes to visit his grandparents so that he stays calm if we leave him there for a while. I just thought it was cute, and thought I would share.