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  • Sam Waterston is without a doubt one of the best TV actors I have ever watched. I am furious that Law and Order was cancelled after 20 years without even the decency to give the show a proper send-off. Very unproffesional for a major network!

    I watched Law and Oder episodes for years. Sam Waterston, as the Assistant DA and then the DA, was the best. I always felt the shows followed proper legal procedures as best they could. Their work with the NYPD made for a great combination. I was really mad when the show was cancelled without so much as a by-your-leave. Poor public relations, NBC!! I felt here was always a little element of suspense. No, they did not always win; let's face it, that is real life. But even when they lost, unfairly, the show was produced in an excellent manner. Sam Waterston carried those shows with aplomb. I hope he finds whatever role he desires now that the show is over. The other Law and Order spinoffs, with the exception of Special Victims, cannot hold a candle to this show.