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  • Samaire Armstrong is one of my greatest actresses I have seen in a long time. She will grow to become a great and talented person in this industry.

    Samaire is a great actress who has appeared in movies such as Not Another Teen Movie, Would I Lie To You, Trash, Dark Wolf, Gramercy Park, Stay Alive, Just My Luck, It's a Boy Girl Thing, The Staircase Murders, Rise, and Around June. She has appeared in TV Shows for example Party of Five, Freaks and Geeks, That's Life, ER, Judging Amy, The X Files, On-Air With Ryan Secreast, NYPD Blue, Entourage, Numb3rs, The OC, CSI Miami, Living with Fran, and her most recent and most famous role in Dirty Sexy Money. She is a great actress and she will become someone in the future. I have big hopes for her.
  • Name: Samaire Rhys Armstrong Nickname: Sasa Height: 5' 7" (1.70 m) Birthday: 31 October 1980 Birthplace: Japan Occupation: Actress, designer Education: One year at University of Arizona

    I first saw Samaire playing the role of Anna Stern on Season 1 of The OC, as did most other people probably, back in 2003. But unfortunately she left the series, but luckily for her the writers left good probability for a return.
    I must admit that after she had left The OC I hadn't seen her on TV and so forgot about her completely, but to her fans pleasure samaire returned in April 2006.
    Her storyline involves being at the same college as another character of the show giving hope that she may well have a more permanent role in The OC's season 4.
    This is very good as in my opinion we don't see enough of her.
  • more better than the best.

    Samaire is my favourite oc character.....hope she is back in the oc cu without her the whole show is lifeless...

    Samaire stole the show by the looks she gave (i\'m sure she smiles the same way in reality like the way she does in the show).....jus love it!!!! and the movement of her lips and eyes jus gives me a chill in my spine.She is just so damn funny.

    i really feel she should be one of the main characters in the oc..............i pray that she comes back in the show..........GOD please create another samaire for me......SHE'S ABSOLUTELY THE BEST!!!!!! and nobody can argue to that.
  • my absolute favorite oc character.... why she tragically left?... i'll never know but will pray every day she will return ...

    samaire armstrong played the part of anna stern in the first season of the hit show "the OC" i believe she played her character with such charisma and such grace it was tragic to have to see her go so prematurely, we hardly knew anything about her real character... she was so very funny, so very composed.. and quite nice to look at as well.. her facial expressions, the heart ache she portrayed for anna in the show... she was perfect for that role... i have not seen her play any other roles in anything else but i am certain it is just as good...