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  • Trivia

    • Samaire was named Entertainment Weekly's Breakthrough Artist of 2004 for her work as Emily on Entourage and Anna Stern on The O.C..

    • In October 2007, Samaire admitted that she regretted having posed for Maxim and Stuff magazines. She cited that it was her manager's decision and that she was forced to do those gigs. After her revelation, Maxim removed all of her photos from their online website.

    • Samaire was chosen as one of People Magazine's annual 100 Most Beautiful People in the World, in May 2007.

    • Samaire launched her own clothing line named Naru, which was initially made available in Hawaii. Her interest in fashion started out with making Halloween costumes with her mom. In high school, she made her own clothes because she didn't want to wear the same things as the other teens.

    • Samaire's parents are Hunter Armstrong, who is Scottish and teaches close combat training to soldiers, and Sylvia Armstrong, who is Italian and designs spas for resorts. Her brother Hunter Jr., along with their father, is in the Marines.

    • Samaire is named #55 on the Maxim magazine Hot 100 of 2005 list.

    • In true gaelic form, Samaire is pronounced Sah-mee-rah and means "dawning sun".

    • Samaire played volleyball in high school.

    • When she was younger, Samaire practiced karate.

    • If Samaire was a superhero, she would want to be called 'Samurai Samaire'.

    • Samaire's Favorites:
      Color - pink (past); green
      Book - Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card
      Gum - Wrigley's Eclipse in Polar Ice
      Sport - field hockey
      Movie - Valley of the Dolls
      Food - breakfast: bacon, eggs, pancakes, toast.

    • Samaire's dog, Arthur, was given to her by the Osbournes. She has another dog named Charlie.

    • Samaire's character, Anna, on The O.C., was supposed to appear in only one episode. However, there was a such a positive reaction to the character that the producers brought her back.

    • Soundtrack to Samaire's Life:
      "Control" by Janet Jackson
      "Straight Up" by Paula Abdul
      "Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes" by Paul Simon
      "Legend" by Bob Marley
      "Tease Me" by Chaka Demus and Pliers
      "Send Me a Postcard" by Shocking Blue
      "Venus in Furs" by Velvet Underground
      "Black Cherry" by goldfrapp
      The Boomerang soundtrack
      "Whip-Smart" by Liz Phair

    • Samaire's nickname is Sasa.

    • Samaire really loves earrings. She has a very large collection of them. Her favorite of them are "Big, flashy hoops". She also owns a large amount of skirts.

    • Samaire is 5'7" tall.

    • Samaire's breakout role in her high school theatre class was when she played "Gollum" in The Hobbit.

    • Samaire was in the music videos for the song "Penny and Me" by Hanson and "Bad Day" by Daniel Powter.

    • Samaire was on the cover of Elle Girl in May 2004. She also graced the cover of Fashion 18 during Fall 2004 and the cover of Page Six Magazine in October of 2007.

    • Samaire has dated actor Aaron Paul. She became friends with Lindsay Lohan on the set of Just My Luck.

    • Samaire has a love for candy scented and flavoured beauty products.

  • Quotes

    • Samaire: Once you give into the universe, that's when you're really at peace. There's so much struggle within yourself - within myself I should say. It's so hard to just remember to breathe.

    • Samaire: I started smoking marijuana in high school. They say that's the gateway drug. It's the most easily accessible and most commonly used drug. It's also the most acceptable. But then you're smoking cigarettes or you're doing cocaine or doing alcohol. If you're not paying attention to your dreams, that's your addiction.

    • Samaire: I've inherited my dad's strength. And something about the music - and the cold. Something about that I can feel in my blood. I'm strong and I'm a fighter.

    • Samaire: When I was 4, I started training in Japanese sword fighting with my dad. It was very embarrassing to be sword training in the park next to where the boys were playing football.

    • Samaire: My dad says that I was a big brat and really dark. I just remember being different all the time!

    • Samaire: I like to play tough. With fighting. I like fighting and I like sports and I like guns, that kind of adventure film.

    • Samaire: My home is my dream Utopia. I surround myself with things that inspire me - pictures, magazine clippings.

    • Samaire: (Donald Sutherland is her "Dirty Sexy Money" co-star) When you're acting with people who've been doing it for a while like Donald, it makes you want to rise up and take risks.

    • Samaire: Sometimes you're so tired, you just wanna light some candles and soak in a tub. That's pure heaven!

    • Samaire: People ask if I'm a bit psychic, but I think I'm just in touch with my feelings. It's not real hocus-pocus, but it's feeling empathy toward someone else's pain or truly frightening moments.

    • Samaire: I have never really been interested in video games. I don't like the idea of sitting in one place and getting drawn into a game. I like to be in control.

    • Samaire: I am pretty impulsive. My judgments are based entirely on instinct. I have a lot of strong feelings, which impact both my designing and acting.

    • Samaire: (on winning her over) Get me to laugh. Do you want to just date some pretty person with nothing inside?