Samantha Brown

Samantha Brown


3/31/1969, Dallas, Texas

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Samantha Elizabeth Brown


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Samantha is a resident of New York City. Born in Dallas, Texas in 1969, her family moved to New Hampshire where she would grow up. Samantha joined the Travel Channel in 2000 and has hosted a variety of shows, including Girl Meets Hawaii, Great Hotels, Passport To Europe,…more


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    • Samantha: (On her most frighting moment during the filming of "Passport to China") I had a scary moment as I got into a pen with some pandas. The handler warned me to keep moving. They're adorable-looking, but pandas are bears, after all.

    • Samantha: What makes my job so incredible is that I literally get to have a fantasy life. I get to go to these different places and kind of take on an entirely different persona.

    • Samantha:(On where she would love to live and why) Berlin: I love cities. I love the chaos. Most cities experienced their golden age a few hundred to 2,000 years ago and we travel to them to experience their past. Berlin's importance is right now. The architecture and art that is happening there is more exciting than any other city in Europe. To be there for even a week is to experience a city coming into its own and making its mark for the future. I would love to live in a city where every day brought something exciting.

    • Samantha: While doing a hike in Costa Rica down to a volcano, I fell and banged my knee. I couldn't walk well, and then I stupidly tried to do a 'Dukes of Hazzard' jump into a car, (see 'Seen in Costa Rica' episode), banged that knee again, and had a hard time walking for two days.

    • Samantha:(When asked if she could travel back in time to any period in history, when and where would it be) Turn of the century in New York City. New York is such an unbelievable city. I would love to go back in time to when it was just beginning to show its true greatness as a world-class town.

    • Samantha:(On her favorite Latin American country) Tough, tough decision. But Nicaragua really touched my heart, and I would love to go back.

    • Samantha:(When asked if she traveled a lot as a child) Not really. Summer vacations were to Cape Cod or Pennsylvania to see my relatives. And a lot of motor lodges! I think just like everybody, no matter if you have the passport to do it, you dream of travel.

    • Samantha: (On how she stays in shape with all the food she samples on her trips) I'm usually too tired for dinner! I jump rope. I used to jog a lot in Europe. But in Latin America, the cities are a bit different because neighborhoods change so quickly, and I don't have a good idea of when I'm safe or not. So I started to just jump rope. Easy to pack too! And I always take the stairs, even if the hotel has an elevator.

    • Samantha: (On her favorite extra-special touch she has experienced at a hotel) At the Grand Floridian in Disney World, housekeeping folds your hand towels into little animals like ducks and bunnies. They then put things like your toothbrush and styling gel in them, so that when you walk into your room you have all these cute critters greeting you. It's a very heartwarming touch.

    • Samantha: (On where she gets her sense of humor and if she ever considered doing stand up comedy) Definitely from my father. He has an unbelievably dry sense of humor. My sisters and I truly felt loved when he picked on us. When I was around 12, a young boy called me and my dad got on the phone and thanked him for calling because I didn't have many friends. I thought it was hysterical — the young boy did not. I have never seriously considered stand-up comedy because my humor comes out of reacting off other things or people. I don't think I could generate it myself.

  • She is smoking hot.

    The only reason I watch this show is because of Samantha. Good thing she is host because it gives me more time to look at at her. She has a nice shape and nice legs to go along with a nice rear end. But getting to the show, it is a good, educational show. She does a good job with the details and the scenery is really good as well. I have to say that I like to see the adventures and the customs that are on the show. To be honest, it is a good show to watch when you feel adventurous. Thank you.moreless
  • a talented hostess...

    Usually, I'm not one for watching shows on the Travel Channel. It is down on my list with Animal Planet, and Discovery Channel. But something about Samantha Brown keeps bringing my family and I back to her various shows. Whether it be her natural, charming personality, or her enthusiasm, Samantha Brown is a very talented hostess. Though the exotic places she visits speak for themselves, Samantha Brown livens up any vacation destination. Her only drawback is the practicality of her shows. Most of places she visits are far out of reach for average people. And those that are remotely affordable, she makes quite expensive. Though there is one minor drawback, Samantha Brown has an incredible career, and does a wonderful job at it.moreless