Samantha Harris

Samantha Harris


11/27/1973, Hopkins, Minnesota

Birth Name

Samantha Harris Shapiro



Also Known As

Sammy, Sam, Samantha Harris Shapiro
  • Samantha Harris of Dancing With the Stars.
  • Samantha Harris of Dancing With the Stars.
  • Samantha Harris and Tom Bergeron of Danc...
  • Samantha Harris and Tom Bergeron of Danc...
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A seasoned journalist in the entertainment industry, Harris is a correspondent with E! Entertainment Television's, hosting E! News (which is also writes and produces) and hosting THS Investigates. She has served as host for a number of entertainment and news programs, including Extra, Fox's The Next Joe Millionairemore


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    • (about the secret to her beauty)
      Samantha: I get eight hours of sleep a night, do yoga to relay and take brisk walks to wake me up.

    • Samantha: Hours on the red carpet can be deadly for looking camera-ready. It's important to carry powder to keep everthing in place and gloss to keep the lips looking fresh. Every so often, it's good to completely remove lip liner and re-apply.

    • (about Ryan Seacrest, with whom she shares a office in E! Network)
      Samantha: He takes more hours to get dressed and make up than I do. Ryan spends, like, five hours in hair and makeup, mostly on his hair, and then another hour pick his outfit.

    • (about the female partipant of the show she hosts, 'Dancing with the Stars')
      Samantha: I'd never really looked at women's bodies much before doing the show. Now, watching them dance in their sexy costumes, with their ripped bodies, makes me want to hit the gym even harder.

    • Samantha: I have a tough time giving myself the day off.

  • Sucks at hosting a show.

  • Like nails on a chalkboard!

    The Professional Association of TV Hosts, is ther eis such a thing, should, on principle, ban this woman (and while they're at it, Lara Spencer who is cut from the same defective mold) from ever inflicting herself on the public again!

    This bio is obviously old because she is long gone from Dancing (who can have her back because I don't watch it anyway) and is now seemingly being groomed to replace Mary Hart on ET.

    Now Mary is quite animated enough for me. Any more is too much though I think a) Mary is genuinely liked and b) it doesn't hurt that her hubby is a producer(!), but Samantha Harris is just!

    I understand that a personable, confident and knowledgeable interviewer is desirable for such entertainment shows, but if I were a celeb and saw her coming at me I would run the other way; at the very least I would certainly not grant an interview to her specifically.

    She is too much; too familiar and just too freakin' 'special'.

    Mary: sorry my friend. You can't retire. You're stuck, because you can't leave us to this irritating woman!moreless