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  • I have seen Samantha Page in other films. She is such a talented little girl. She played the part so well and captured the audiences attention so well.

    Samantha Page from Vancouver B.C. is such a talented little girl and I would love to see more of her work. She is so very cute and convincing. I love her. What a cute little girl in this "I know what you did last summer" episode of supernatural. She actually resembled Sam (Jared Padeleski)so much that if they ever needed a character to play his daughter or little sister in Supernatural or even in another film in the future, I think that this little girl would be perfect. Maybe they are related. It seems that this little girl, Samantha Page has a great career ahead of her with so many positive things to look forward to that will work in her favour. She is very fortunate. Some kids can act, but not many kids so young can actually convince you that they really are the character that they are portraying and Samantha Page is able to do this. She is able to convince the audience that she truly is the character that she is playing. Good luck to that little girl.moreless