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Samantha Smith

Samantha Smith


11/4/1969, Sacramento, California, USA

Birth Name

Samantha Smith



Also Known As

Sam Smith
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Samantha Smith is an accomplished TV and film actress. She was born November 4th, 1969 in Sacramento, CA. Her first Television role was on "The Friars Club" episode of Seinfeld in 1996. Since then she has worked on many acclaimed TV shows such as Nash Bridges, NYPD Blue,…more


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  • She is a great female actor. One of my favourites.

    She has literally become my second favourite female actor. I only just figured out myself that she actually played in transformers as the 'wife' of the captain, with the baby. Bue she is stil the best on the show, Superntaural I absolutely love that show. She played an awesome persone on there. But i love her heart, she is so kind. and i loe her voice. Its so sweet. One thing I didn't realize was how many shows se had actually been in, especially dark angel. That was a great surprise. Anyway. I love Samantha Smith and i hope to see her in many more shows in the future.moreless