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  • A man who not only has a talent but also a love for acting!

    I've got to know Samuel L Jackson from movies such as 'Pulp Fiction', those awful Prequel Star Wars trilogy and movies like 'Snakes on a Plane' and 'Jackie Brown'

    Samuel L Jackson can act in pretty much any role and can give such powerful performances such as in Pulp Fiction! He's a great masterful actor!
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    Outstanding. Versatile actor, great in every role. One of my fav performances is in 'The Long Kiss Goodnight' where he plays a private eye/loser.
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    Samuel L. Jackson is a true actor. You really believe that he got into acting because he loves it for what it is. You'll never see him in any tabloids and you won't hear any gossip about him. In his roles, you sense more realism than many other actor's who are considered more talented than he. Of all of his roles in all of his movies, my favorite has to be "Pulp Fiction."
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    He has been in a real lot in incredibly original. He is similar to other beefy guys who always save the day but different in a way.
  • Very cool actor.

    I have seen only three movies with Samuel L. Jackson: Star Wars 1-3 The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith. He is very good as Mace Windu. I only find it sad that his character was killed so horribly. I hope he will be able to have more movies in the future.