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  • Just shows you what luck can make of a below-average person.

    I had the opportunity to see the Johnny Fairplay season...I was impress but a few characters, Sandra wasn't one of them....Nothing makes her stand out of crowd, loud mouth, rudeness, lack of tact, these are the main attributes of her...Oh and 0 talent, skill, effort at challenges...But this is what makes her dangerous...The idea here is people see it as an ordinary non-threatening person at first sight that makes you loose count...That is if you're not a strategic individual... If you are, there won't be a problem outsmarting her...I can honestly say Sandra is the type of person who shouldn't get a merge with a decent group.
  • Charming yet told it like it is!

    Despite not being the bravest, strongest, nor the one that would win awards. Sandra kept under the radar but also was the mouthpiece who told it like it is. When she really didn't seem fooled by Jonny Fairplay aka Rotten's grandma's "death" and wondered why she didn't say a thing. But then, she decided it was best to just row with the flow. And that led her to win and not get a vote cast against her.