Sandra Hess





3/27/1968 , Zürich, Switzerland

Birth Name




Sandra Hess, born on March 27 and raised in Zurich, Switzerland, began modelling and working on television commercials when she was just 15. After completing high school, she entered the University of Zurich to study law but quickly decided it wasn't the right direction for her. She came alone to the US to build an acting career and to find success. Once settled in Los Angeles, Sandra started taking acting classes. Her first break was the comedy film Encino Man, playing a cavewoman to Brendan Fraser's caveman character. She later landed the lead role in the hit film Moral Kombat: Annihliation. Sandra enjoyed the action aspects of that project and, since then, finds herself happily cast in other action roles, including Pensacola: Wings of Gold. Among her other roles are the lead in the telefilm Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. (in which she played a villain), based on the Marvel comic, and guest spots in the series Lois and Clark, Sliders and Seaquest DSV. Sandra has been in Pensacola: Wings of Gold where she plays Alexandra "Ice" Jensen, one of the few women in the squadron and a member of the Nuggets with the "Sharpshooters." In her infrequent free time, Sandra enjoys yoga, working out, and hiking with Gracie, a stray dog she saved from the streets of Los Angeles four years ago.