Sandra Robinson





3/23/1967 , Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania, USA

Birth Name




Sandra was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

She is also credited as Sandra Reinhardt, which was her first husband's last name. When they divorced she reverted back to her maiden name of Ferguson. Sandra remarried in 2005. Sandra's second husband is Allen Robinson, and after marrying him, she took his last name professionally and is now credited as Sandra Robinson.

Sandra's career started when she was won the Miss Pennsylvania title in 1985. She then worked as a model for a while.

Her most notable acting role has been that of Amanda Cory on Another World. She played the role from 1987 to 1993. Sandra was persuaded to return in 1998 and stayed with the show until it was cancelled in 1999.

Before she returned to Another World she replaced Katherine Kelly Lang on The Bold And The Beautiful whilst Katherine was off the show having her baby. She then appeared on Sunset Beach as Jade Sheridan. This is the role she is best known for to British fans.

In 2005, Sandra joined General Hospital in the recast role of Felicia Scorpio.