Sandy Duncan





2/20/1946 , Henderson,Texas

Birth Name

Sandra Kay Duncan




Sandy Duncan was born not in Tyler, Texas as she always says, but in Henderson. Her father, M.R.Duncan, and her mother, Syliva Love Duncan, lived in Overton, Texas when Sandy was born on Wednesday, Febuary 20,1946 at 8:42pm. Sandy and her family moved when she was either six or nine months old, family stories differ. They moved to Killgore where Sandy's sister, Robin, was born in 1951. In 1954 the family moved to Tyler when Sandy's father opened a gas station. It was in 1959 that the acting bug hit her and in 1962 she made her debut at the Dallas summer theatre. In school she was looked on as, in her words, "strange little person. I didn't have a lot of friends." After high school at Robert E. Lee High, Class of 1965, Sandy tried to go to junior college but the pull of New York was too strong and, at age 19, she left Texas. Less that 3 months later, Sandy did her first TV commercial and she had found a new life - TV. In 1968, she met and married 22 year old actor Bruce Scott, but she admits now it was a big mistake. In 1969 came the Canterbury Tales and her first Tony award nomination, but at the end of that year, Sandy did a series of 3 commercials for the UCB bank in California. She became an overnite star in that state. In 1970, she did the play "The Boy Friend" and her star went even higher. The rest of the story of Sandy Duncan is well known.