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  • I have all ways thought that Sandy could have been a bigger star than most of them in the 1970's.She just was given a lot of bad shows to do. After "The Sandy Duncan Show" went off in 1972,she never got back on her feet. She was stuck with bad part on TV.

    Sandy did do Roots in 1976,but for the most part she did a lot of quiz shows and the like.But she seemed all ways to be playing "Sandy Duncan". We now know that her second marriage was not all that happy,but was told to stay married beccause it was the right ting to do for her. Only after she left LA and got back to NYC did she seem to come out of that shell. She remarried to a guy she loves,they have been married for 27 years and two childern.The Hogen Family showed she can still act,but since 1995,she has not done a prime time show.We hope that she will come back to TV soon.