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  • Sanjaya made American Idol interesting

    Sanjaya has all these crazy hairstyles and that's why I laughed when I watched American Idol. I just don't get it why people love him a lot. I mean he made it to the top 7 and yeah even J.Lo liked him, "Sanjaya really impressed me." I somehow remember all his songs over everyone. He's an interesting character and he wowed the audience especially "You really got me." on that little girl who loves sanjaya to death. Though he cried like a baby when he was voted off, I got to say He really was talented and was trying. Well done.
  • He made it way too far.

    I can't believe he made it to, what, 6th place in American Idol? His singing is crap, I am sorry to say. So many good people left because of him. Gina for an example. He should've pretty much left every week after he got to the top 12. He is an emberrasment to the show, he should've left by default by the top 12. I have to admit, during the auditions, he seemed to sing well. After that, you could tell everyone else was way out of his leauge. I feel emberrased just to write a review for him. No talent, whatsoever. I am not sorry, cuz so many actually good singers left because of him. Bleh.
  • cutie

    I loe sanjaya malakar...he is the great conteastant in american idol history...i think he has a really good voice and is a trendsetter....his hair is really kewl and he seems like a really nice person. I voted for him every week and i thought that he definently deserved to be there.....he is sooo cooollll....i thought he would at least make it to the top 5 and i was soooooo soooo sooooo sad to see him leave at only seven....people sya he went to far but he sooo cool and amazingly talent? who says jordin sparks truely won american idol? Sanjaya really won. Not Jordin.
  • i think he is very talented. but it doesnt really show in his singing.

    i think he is awesome!!!!! if he won american idol i would be stunned. he is a good singer one week and the next hes ok. every week i look forward to seeing what kind of new hairstyle he will be doing. my fav would have to be just long wavy. but i dont like his hair went its slinked back with gel. he is a much better singer than that stupid haley girl cuz she suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkks. sanjaya has a really cool personality. that would be soo cool to meet him. everybody likes someone different and i like sanjaya malakar.:) but i HATE haley.:(
  • Sanjaya was ok at his audition.

    Sanjaya was ok at his audition , but after he went to Hollywood, he started to sound worse. He really was kind of talentless and I hated it that he made it as far as he did. Some of the people who left before he did definitely did not desreve to. Sanjaya was kinda cute. But it's a singing competition not a beauty pageant. Even though he can't sing he is very well-known. ( Especially for his creative hair styles , I used to look forward to them every week.) Which I guess is a good thing. He seemed really sweet.
  • He went too far on AI.

    Sanjaya Malakar is commonly known as getting 7th place on American Idol Season 6. He was elimiated on counrty night. He was so overrated and he went too far. I think he should have gone home before the top 24. I thought his sister was waay better. The best performance he had was on Latin night. I think it was called Besame Mucho ir something like that. I didn't even think it was that good. Also, what was up with that crying girl when he performed You Really Got Me on top 11 night. So overall, he is talentless and overrated.
  • I like his style!

    I cant say that he's the best singer around, but I do like his style, and the way he acts on stage. I think that the people who hated him, and wanted him off the show are just jealous, cause they dont have his hair! haha, that's my reasoning for it. I dont see what the big deal is about him, sure he's not that great a singer, but america voted for him, so people shouldent complain when he made it so far. It seems like they just wanted a scandal. I say, good for Sanjaya, I hope you make millions and you dont have to work another day of your life.
  • Sanjaya is a highly talented young man and excellent vocalist and great performer. He is one of the most Beautiful People in the world & has the charm as well! There is no doubt he will be known as one of greatest vocalists of this generation!

    Sanjaya has continued to amaze the viewing world, in one way or another. Dianna Ross had it right; Sanjaya is Love! Tony Bennett told Sanjaya that he is a big fan of his. Tony had it right when he said Sanjaya sings well, that he is terrific, that he is very interesting, and went on to say what he likes the most about Sanjaya is that he dares to be different. Jennifer Lopez was highly impressed with Sanjaya and said that she not only was very impressed with his singing ability but also added, "I love Sanjaya!" The fact is this; these highly talented and respected singers are Not Tone Deaf - nor are those of us who hear what a wonderful singer Sanjaya really is. Sanjaya is so very talented and has the most beautiful voice I think I have ever heard. For a young man of only 17 years of age and not afforded professional vocal training as others, he is fantastic!! Sanjaya is a gentle free spirit with nothing but good things to say about others, even of those who have hated him, cursed him, called him names, told lies on him, and who have attempted to strip him of his self esteem and confidence in his own singing ability. Even to those who slandered him with racist remarks and accused him of less than honorable characteristics...somehow he has been able to resist speaking negative of them and has refused to verbally strike back. Sanjaya has learned to overlook, see the good in everyone, and find something positive in every situation and has chosen to learn from that. How he has been able to do this baffles me yet, and I admire him so. As for an American idol, Sanjaya is literally that. What better hero could any parent desire for their children that Sanjaya. Being an adult this comes to my mind; "and a child shall lead them." If I could demonstrate half the goodness this young man does, how much happier I would be.

    Sanjaya is a living example of one of God's precious children. How proud his Father in heaven must be. On earth he has the most wonderful parents and sister and family. What a great example of a loving family. Sanjaya will be highly successful in anything he chooses to do in life. I believe that anything he touches will turn to gold; it will be so because of his beautiful voice, his talent, his beautiful heart, great mind, wisdom, creativity, and genuineness. Sanjaya is already a Super Star, an pop icon, an American idol, a phenomenon, a sensation, and a wonder to behold!! Sanjaya will continue to grow, unfold, and succeed in anything he puts his mind and heart to, and will do so forever more. The day is coming, when not one person will be able to honestly deny that Sanjaya is in fact a Great Singer and Performer!
  • cutepie!!!!!!!!!

    oh my i haaaaaaaaaaaaated the way he sang cause it really did suck...i have to say the truth ya know...or he doesnt sing that well...cause he was elected to be in the top 24 (that means simon thought he was average/good)..but it said in the soup...there was a "house of sanjaya" with his hairrrr he had a different style every week!!!!! i loved the rock one
    ironically...i started liking him when he left...he started crying and i was like CUTIE CUTIE CUTIE!!!!!!!! i couldnt stop crying he was so sweet!!!!! like he was one of the only ones that cried!!

    What a hottie! OMG I am in love with Sanjaya. Not only is he a great singer but he is SO CUTE. I think that Sanjaya should win. If he doesn't I think I might just cry. And although some people may argue, I LOVE his hair, I mean some of them were kind of weird but usually they are awesome. I LOVE YOU SANJAYA. If any one actual reads this, write a review of your own or rate mine! Thank you all!

    Peace out,

    A peccimist trying to rid the world of crappy TV and stuff like that. :) :)
  • C'mon, he ain't THAT bad.

    I am not a fan of "American Idol." Frankly, the show annoys me. But in March, there was something about a contestant named Sanjaya on "Best Week Ever." And the next day, my favorite performer on SNL, Andy Samberg, played him on Weekend Update. Whoever this guy was made me interested. The following week, that infamous Ponyhawk incident happened. All I heard was how bad he was. I decided I needed to check this out for myself. I watched a few performances on YouTube. And I learned something - he wasn't as bad as everyone said. Sanjaya is pretty good. He's not a great singer. But he's not terrible either. Frankly, I like the kid. He's even the first person on the show I voted for. I'm a total fan of his. I doubt he'll win cause I don't think the fans are that strong, and there might be more anti-Sanjaya people out there, but I enjoy watching him. AI is a show I swore I would never watch again, and this kid has got me watching. He's different, and I like different. And he does have cool hair, not important to why I like him, but he does. He has a nice smile, which might be why some young teenage girls like him. In some eps, he was rather pretty. And I don't call many guys pretty.

    I don't know why so many people hate him. Maybe it is cause they think there are better performers on the show and this kid is only getting attention for his hair and the fact that he gets attention for being, "bad." He's not that bad. Maybe he does get attention for all the wrong reasons, but still, he is the thing that made me start watching a show I loathe. If his pretty self can do that, then he does have something. He's not untalented. There is worse out there. So Good Luck with it all. I'm supporting him for as far as he goes.
  • He can sing...sort of. He's probably better than all the haters

    This kid is talented. He can sing, he just doesn't project his voice. I don't vote because of his voice, I vote for him because he's amazingly confident to endure all performing for the entire nation, endure all the booing and bad press he gets...Honestly. Give the guy a break. I doubt the Sanjaya haters are any better at singing. He's a 17 year old that can get up on the world stage week after week without wiping the smile off his face. He doesn't let the treatment of the viewers get to him, nor the critisism from the judges. For that, I applaud him
  • Omg! this guy is bad. He is good at singing and is still in the top of the singers on american idol!

    Im going to say it straight out! He can't sing, his hair is werid like his hair styles are like just horrible like the mohawk looked like if you turned him up-side down he would be a broom lol. The only reason he's still there is because of Howard Stern! Howard Stern made a contest about asking his listeners and viewers to vote for the worst on american idol. There for he was decalred the worst on Howard Stern and they voted for him on maericna idol. Me and my wants him to leave american idol! My mother stopped watching the show and said she wasn't going to watch it again when he leaves! I bet there are other who agree with me and no offence to thoese who do like him.
  • Sanjaya keeps changing hairstyles each week.

    whats up with his wacky hair styles? I mean, there was one week where I could have sworn he was a girl. And then that mohawk thing? Not cool dude, not cool. My suggestion senjaya, if you wanna have cool hair look at Nat Wolff's. His rox. Or, shave the hair off. Don't grow it back. I wonder what he would look like bald! oh my gosh thats such a scary thought I think I might be up all night tonight. Wow. Can't wait to see what he wears next week! If it was up to me, his sister should have gone to hollywood, not him. I only rated him so high because its fun to see what he'll be like next week.
  • Soul abruption in DISSERS

    When you said people are 'talentless', firstly think of yourself! Have you even tried to audition as a performer? If not shame on you for dissing. Seriously think about all the performers you diss since you started reviewing!

    All performers have at least THAT BIT of talent to make it into Showbiz. And mind you most work very hard for them, for example Sanjaya! I think Sanjaya is true to himself throughout the show and he deserve to have fans like us to speak up for him! He's VERY GOOD but he's good enough to be in the TOP few.

    My guess is when you guys chose 'Talentless', you must be looking at a mirror.
  • Crapjaya is an embarassment to singing and should be be kicked off the show by default.

    Crapjaya Malafreak is the worst singer ever to step onto the American Idol stage. He never deserved to make it past his audition. Better singers like Sliga (Chris Sligh) are being kicked off all of the time while Malafreak stays. People are trying to ruin the show be voting for him. He had the worst performance every week yet people still vote for him.

    He totally destroyed the song "You Really Got Me" as well as many other songs. It disgusts me that the best person on the show, Chris Sligh, was kicked off before him. This show is obviously not a singing show anymore, it is all about ratings. If Sanjaya wins, it will be another Fantasia, Ruben, or Taylor Hicks, what I mean by that is, you will never hear about them....ever.
  • Sanjaya I'm sorry but you have got to go!!You really have NO talent!!!!I only gave Sanjaya a 1 because that was the lowest score that I could give him!

    Sanjaya has got to get voted off! He sort of STINKS!!! I mean who would like him!!!(No offense to Sanjaya fans.) Who's even voting for him?? Sanjaya thinks that he can actually go out there and sing! Whatever!! I have never said this before but I totally agree with Simon Cowell. Sanjaya is in his own little universe and it doesn't matter what any of us or the judges say to Sanjaya anymore. I don't care about what Sanjaya does to his hair to entertain us because it doesn't entertain me!! I voted for Sanjaya once and that was during the top 11 week!! I THOUGHT he was making a comeback.Voting for Sanjaya was the biggest mistake that I have ever made!! I will NEVER, I repeat NEVER vote for the talentless Sanjaya Malakar again!!!!!!!!
  • Hey, I LIKE Sanjaya!

    Guess what? I like Sanjaya. I know he can sing well, he's just too shy! He has to break out of his shell.

    I hate that everyone is making fun of him! For me, Phil Stacey is the WORST singer of the competion but you don't see me blasting him all over the place. Give Sanjaya a break.

    Anyway, he's got some secret talent that will be revealed later on and I just know it. But now I don't care if he gets kicked off or not cause he's on TOUR! Yeah! I'm gonna need tickets, I love Americn Idol Live and can't wait to see Sanjaya live!
  • BORING!!

    This guy... I don't like him! When he open his mouth, I just wanna kill myself... And that hair... what is that? He tries to be funny, but it doesn't work!!! I don't know how Simon, Pula and Randy liked him at the first time... He didn't sing well not even one single time! How can he still be there?? He's not even cute, so we can say "that is reason!"!! He chooses songs that are too much for him. He didn't surprised me just once! I don't think he will never pick a song that he's actually able to sing...
  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this guy is amazing and should stay tonight i think Haley is the weakesed performer so far...
    but when i called tonight the polls closed down for Sanjaya so i could no longer vote that is fuged up to mess with somebodirs votes thats if they did...

    my favorite peformance so far where last week when he song girl you really got me now and all of his energy went out so i never know what he is gonna sing it shocks me and i cant waite every week to see what he will sing and what he will do, and also i love the hair too...i liked the pony hawk it was awesome it also made him look like and indian's mohawk!!!!...
  • Say what Sanjaya? I only have to grow my hair and then I can win American Idol? Woooow... How cool is thaaat!


    I'm speechless... I even liked Kevin Covais more... I didn't know that if you swing your hair a little bit and hug a 9 year-old girl live on national television you can stay out of the bottom three...

    I usually close my eyes and cover my ears whenever he comes on... I can't stand him... I think Simon's comment was taken the wrong way this week... Why did he think the girl was crying???

    Seriously, I liked the guy when he auditioned, but this... This is absolutely horrible... It is soooo obvious that he's desperate for votes - he changes his hair every week, now he did a rock song, even shouted, then he hugs a little girl in tears... Is there a 10 year-old girl who doesn't like Sanjaya? Awwwwwww... Geez... Wow... I actually spent 10 minutes of my life writing about someone who's not worth it... I'm really dumb... Yeah... Maybe I should audition... Oh wait, first my hair has to grow...
  • 1.0
    take sanjaya off this show!!! what is america thinking!!! one more week with him on this show and i'm no longer watching... sanjaya go home, enough already.... he really needs to step down and let the contestants who can really sing be there.sanjaya must know he doesn't stand up to anyone on american idol. this season (with an exception of a few) is a real let down. i thought this was a singing competion not a circus act. the producers need to have an intervention and remove sanjaya themselves... i really don't think my ears can handle one more week of this, it's just getting annoying.
  • He's terrible, who would vote for him?

    Okay, the only reason why this kid get's a one on my score is because he actually seems like a nice kid. But he's not cute, not a good singer, not a good performer. Nothing about him actually appeals to me! I recently found out the most of his votes come from the website America's Worst Singer, go them! He may not be America's worst singer, but he sure could be American Idol's Worst Singer, he's terrible. He better get voted out tonight on American Idol, if he doesn't I will be greatly disapointed. I like that tons of people think Sanjaya is terrible, but I don't like that he's staying in the competition. So for people that think Sanjaya is terrible, voice your opinion, but don't vote for him on AI because of that website. And if you are voting for him because you think he's bad, you are wasting your time. Vote for some of the other ones that actually havce talent like Blake Lewis, Chris Richardson, Lakisha Jones, and Melinda Dolittle.
  • Not even worth the airtime he takes up.

    Get him off the show!!!!! Get him off the show!!!!! Get him off the show!!!!! Get him off the show!!!!! Get him off the show!!!!! Get him off the show!!!!! Get him off the show!!!!! Get him off the show!!!!! Get him off the show!!!!! Get him off the show!!!!! Get him off the show!!!!! Get him off the show!!!!! Get him off the show!!!!! Get him off the show!!!!! Get him off the show!!!!! Get him off the show!!!!! Get him off the show!!!!! Get him off the show!!!!! Get him off the show!!!!! Get him off the show!!!!!

    OMG I LOVE HIM !! I want to marrie him !! He is definaly the best on the show this year ! If he doesnt win then their is a big problem with America because all you have to do is look at him to know he is the next American Idol ! I dont care if he is the first one off i will ALWAYS love him even though i know he is going to make it far !!! He is so HOT ! He has perfect long brown hair with butiful tan skin ! And the bigest cutest eyes you will ever see in your hole life ! I LOVE HIM !! And everyone else is America will to !