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  • Trivia

    • Sanjaya was nominated for and won Choice TV Male Reality/Variety Star at the 2007 Teen Choice Awards.

    • According to Sanjaya, the reason he's such a soft singer is because he doesn't breathe correctly. He credits his breathing as his weakness.

    • American Idol season 6 contestant LaKisha Jones described Sanjaya as "a little brother that got on your nerves all the time."

    • The Federal Way City Council decided to honor Sanjaya for serving as a role model with his positive attitude, being presented a Certicate of Appreciation. The Council receieved some 200 e-mails asking the city to honor him.

    • Sanjaya ranked third in TIME magazine's "The Most Influential People of 2007," based on public online votes. However, he wasn't mentioned in the editor's list.

    • The reason Sanjaya wore the ponyhawk was because he wanted to have a mohawk, but didn't think he could pull it off.

    • Sanjaya's favorite subject is math.

    • When asked what song Sanjaya would like to see the judge of his choice perform, he responded that he would like to see Simon sing R.E.M.'s Shiny Happy People.

    • Sanjaya was raised a vegetarian and continued to follow that diet as he grew up.

    • Sanjaya's favorite hair style on American Idol was the one he had for Bésame Mucho.

    • Sanjaya says that he was a rebel in high school, which is why he was popular.

    • Sanjaya says that he is an entertainer, not just a singer.

    • Sanjaya's ponyhawk consisted of seven ponytails.

    • Sanjaya was one of the two American Idol season six contestants that was 17, the other being Jordin Sparks.

    • Sanjaya says that he dealt with all the negative response and criticism he received by staying positive.

    • When American Idol won the 2007 Kid's Choice Award for Favorite Show, Sanjaya was mentioned in the acceptance speech. Randy thanked Sanjaya's ever-changing hair.

    • Sanjaya was slimed on April 23, 2007 during Nickelodeon's afternoon block of shows.

    • Sanjaya says that the person he learned the most from on American Idol was Simon.

    • Besides having a sister who can sing, Sanjaya's cousin, Camila Recchi, is another member of his family who can sing.

    • Sanjaya's parents filed for divorce when he was only 3 years old.

    • Sanjaya's height is 5'11".

    • On American Idol, Sanjaya was known for his hair styles that varied week from week. But before the show, he never once experimented with his hair.

    • For the Hollywood audition on American Idol, Sanjaya sang Grand Funk Railroad's Some Kind Of Wonderful.

    • Sanjaya spent four years in Hawaii, where he learned to hula dance.

    • Sanjaya wearing the red bandana on American Idol's "Country Night" was what he called his version of country.

    • One of the products that is sold for Sanjaya is a Sanjanary, which is a dictionary full of terms about and from Sanjaya. After he mentioned it on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, the seller who sold it on Ebay put it back up for sale, after it had been taken down due to lack of bids.

    • Sanjaya believes his success on American Idol can be credited to his fans voting for him and not the people who voted for him because they thought he was the worst.

    • The only time Sanjaya felt like he might be leaving the competition was during Hollywood week because, according to him, it was "completely intense" and "kind of scary."

    • Sanjaya said that after he saw the show and his performance on Tuesday April 17, 2007, he started thinking that he might be going home.

    • According to Sanjaya, six months before he was voted off American Idol, he was studying for his G.E.D., which he passed "with flying colors."

    • Sanjaya made it to the top seven on American Idol.

    • Sanjaya said that him making the cut on American Idol, but his sister not making it was "bittersweet."

    • Sanjaya enjoys to cook.

    • Sanjaya's fans are called Fanjayas.

    • Sanjaya was portrayed by Andy Samberg on the Peyton Manning/Carrie Underwood and Scarlett Johansson/Bjork episodes of Saturday Night Live.

    • List of Songs Sung On American Idol:
      February 20, 2007 - Knocks Me Off My Feet by Stevie Wonder
      February 27, 2007 - Steppin' Out by Tony Bennett
      March 6, 2007 - Waiting On The World To Change by John Mayer
      March 13, 2007 - Ain't No Mountain High Enough by Diana Ross
      March 20, 2007 - You Really Got Me by The Kinks
      March 27, 2007 - Bathwater by No Doubt
      April 3, 2007 - Cheek to Cheek by Irving Berlin
      April 10, 2007 - Bésame Mucho by Consuelo Velázquez
      April 17, 2007 - Something to Talk About by Bonnie Raitt (Eliminated)

    • Sanjaya says that he doesn't get embarrassed.

    • Sanjaya's friends never get surprised by his musical choices.

    • Sanjaya says that his life goal is to become witty.

    • If Sanjaya does not win American Idol, he will continue his career in the music business.

    • Besides singing, Sanjaya is also very talented in culinary arts.

    • Sanjaya has had formal singing training.

    • Sanjaya started to sing once he stopped crying.

    • Sanjaya can flip the sides of his lips.

    • Sanjaya was born with brown hair and brown eyes, and he has never changed his hair color.

    • Sanjaya's favorite female artists are Lauryn Hill and Susan Tedeschi.

    • Sanjaya's favorite male artists are Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson.

    • Sanjaya's audition number for American Idol was 80283.

    • Sanjaya is a lot more outgoing then his sister Shyamali .

    • Sanjaya sang Stevie Wonder's Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours) when auditioning in Seattle for American Idol.

    • When season six of American Idol started, Sanjaya is known as the "ultra-sensitive Indian boy," but he wanted to break out of that nickname further into the season, which he was able to do.

    • Sanjaya is very funny. He always makes his family laugh with his funny and random jokes.

    • Sanjaya is Indian.

    • When Sanjaya tried out for the competition he was 17 years old and his sister Shyamali was 19.

    • Sanjaya is 2 years younger then his sister Shyamali Malakar.

    • Sanjaya is 5 inches taller then his sister.

    • Sanjaya had a couple of fan sites after only three episode of American Idol.

    • Sanjaya credits both his dad and mom with influencing his music. His father may have given the American Idol contestant his voice, but his mother surrounded him with music his entire life from the time he was born till now!

    • Sanjaya went Shorecrest High School in Shoreline, Washington for 1 year before transferring to Todd Beamer High School in Federal Way.

    • As Sanjaya walked out of the room just finding out he had made it to the next level, he realized that his sister Shyamali Malakar had not made it. He immediately dropped to the floor crying telling his sister everything was going to be OK.

    • The three judges loved Sanjaya way more than his sister, but he didn't tell her that. He just said that they liked him.

  • Quotes

    • Sanjaya: You're human; you're supposed to make mistakes. Everyone's not supposed to like you; I mean, that's just how life works.

    • Sanjaya: I sing all the time. I'm kind of constantly rehearsing – whether people around me want me to be or not.

    • Sanjaya: (on the jokes about him while he was on "American Idol") If they were funny, I laughed at them. I can appreciate a good joke, whether it's about me or not.

    • Sanjaya: I have never met anyone like me, and I think that I put my personality into all of my performances.

    • Sanjaya: (on his "American Idol" trademark) I do have great hair, I have to admit. Once that became my thing, I just played on it. It was fun.

    • Sanjaya: I'm just quirky. I'm a weird person, but it's cool. If there weren't weird people, the world would be boring.

    • Sanjaya: I play guitar. I play spoons. Not very well, but I can play them!

    • Sanjaya: (on high school) I failed a lot of classes because I skipped class and wouldn't do the homework.

    • Sanjaya: I've always gotten along with girls better because I was raised by women. I got teased in school because people figured I must be gay because I understand women. I think that's why guys didn't like me - because I got along with girls so well. When I went up to girls they would give give me a hug and a kiss on the cheek like I was their gay friend. But I was the straight guy that understood them.

    • Sanjaya: In first grade, I would wear cutoff shorts, long underwear, rain boots, a T-shirt, and carry a double umbrella - that was my fashion statement.

    • Sanjaya: (on the attention he gets) I know if I read too much of the bad stuff I'll get shot down and if I read too much of the good stuff I'll get a big head.

    • Sanjaya: (on the criticism he received on American Idol) It's shocking, honestly. It's like, "Do you really have nothing else more important to talk about?"

    • Sanjaya: (on having a feeling he'd be sent home) I claim to be physchic because my name means "spiritual psychic."

    • Sanjaya: When "Saturday Night Live" did a skit on me, and they said, "I don't know if he's scared or happy!," that was hilarious. I had to laugh at that one, because I love to poke fun at myself. If you can't do that, then I don't know what's going to happen in your life. I think it's really important to be able to make fun of yourself and just have fun.

    • Sanjaya: (on when he was mentioned in a debate when Hilary Clinton was asked her thought on him) It's really interesting, because I really had no idea how much impact this show had. And I think it's really interesting that someone like me — a 17-year-old Seattle boy — could have so much impact that I enter the presidential debate!

    • Sanjaya: (on his turning point in his attitude on "American Idol") I think that throughout the competition I grew as a performer and as a person, because I did have a lot of things to learn. And I think that I kind of found myself as I progressed. So I don't know if there was a specific time when it happened, but I definitely think that I found myself and I got more comfortable in my own skin.

    • Sanjaya: (on what he wanted to do after American Idol) I'm definitely looking at a music career, but I also want to venture into acting, modeling and possibly Broadway. I just really want to get into the whole entertainment business.

    • Sanjaya: (on his fame from "American Idol) I'm still just Sanjaya from Seattle. It's kind of fun to look in a magazine and see your face, but after a while it's kind of weird.

    • Sanjaya: I'm shy until you get to know me, and then I'm really outgoing and kind of obnoxious sometimes.

    • Sanjaya: (on why he thinks the American Idol judges stop "judging" him) I think they gave up because people in America at this point know what they think about me. They've gotten to a point where they can judge for themselves.