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  • Great actor

    I have watched a lot of Santiago's work since discovering him on Musketeers. He is always brilliant to watch, not only because of his stunning looks but because he is a great actor, sometimes understated and quietly spoken other times full of vigour and life. Loved him in Heroes, and as tragic, noble Lancelot,and as a very young Octavias in Empire. He also proved to be a sexy mover in Love and other disasters.
  • Santiago's the MAN.

    He's soooo hot, sexy and cute when he's on/off Heroes! He's on of the BEST out there! I love, love, love him! Yay xD I'm too addicted :lol: Hmm...i guess he deserves more from show biz! He's too amazing and wonderful to resist! What else...he's on my crush list too. Lol, i so hate myself for getting addicted to new actors xDD
  • me encantó

    no habia tenido la oportunidad de verlo actuar. es muy bueno. excelente interpretacion. se le nota calidad artistica. segun lo leido este hijo de padres chilenos ha vivido en varios paises lo que sin duda favorece el desempeño en su profesion. importante rol para un chileno, ya que no estamos acostumbrados a que un latinoamericano se destaque en superproducciones
  • As I read from a page of Santiago, he is an actor, and many other things. I like that he has lived in many different places, because it would help him be more experienced with different people.

    Santiago, has great I've read. Such as speaking Italian, French,English, and Spanish. I like him as an actor because I am very interested in foriegn languages...I know some Spanish...some Hindi...and I know English. He is also very athletic in several different, hockey, and soccer. If I knew him personally, I would become his friend. He seems to be exactly what I want in a friend. He is a very good actor....I feel at times that I'm in the scene with him and the other actors. Overall I would say he is the best! Even though I don't know him personally.