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    • Santiago: I went to a lot of rehab clinics and talked to a lot of heroin addicts which was very helpful. It's very interesting to see everything from the case worker to some actual patients. They were telling me they get a lot of artists like musicians and writers that go through the same thing as Isaac without the premonitions of course. There's something about Isaac that stems from insecurity. He's a hypersensitive guy even though he feels disgusted and dangerous; he still has an affinity to be an artist. The drugs are maybe a way to deal with the outside world and with his ability. A lot of artists that are patients are people that are doing well, they're creating great music and great writing but they think that they can only do it when they're on drugs. They really don't believe or they're too scared to try it own their own. Eventually when they kick the habit, they all say that their work is even better. It will be very interesting to see what Isaac will paint when he's off the drug. That's definitely something that I think is in the works. We don't know much about what's going on too much because they don't really give us much, but it's definitely an interesting territory to get into with the character.