Santino Rice

Santino Rice


6/15/1974, St. Charles, Missouri, USA

Birth Name

Santino Quinto Rice


  • Santino Rice from Project Runway, Season...
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  • I really didn't like this guy on project runway - I really wish he did not make the finale episode. The only reason he doesn't get a zero is because his last collection wasn't too bad!moreless

    Santino had the potential to do some very great things with his designing, however did not listen to what the judges had to say, which severly brings him down in my opinion. His impressions of Tim Gunn were amazing, I have to admit, but even then I didn't like him. I saw him as rude, vile and a talentless designer. I actually asked my sister why he had to stay on Project Runway. Every week he was in the bottom two, I actually yelled at my TV when they sent the other person home. I was really that annoyed. Santino was the worst designer on Project Runway and I'm absolutely horrified he went that far in the competition!moreless
  • The most annoying person on TV on the last 50 years!!! Could he be any more arrogant?

    Santino Rice did add some spice to Project Runway - season 2, but he should have been eliminated somewhere along the way, but the bad judgement of Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and Heidi Klum kept him all the way to Fashion Week!

    Not only he was talentless (originality and talent are two VERY differente things), he couldn't even sow!!!

    He was rude to everyone and he actually thought he was more talented than all the others put together (including Kors, for what we can tell about his justifications concerning his creations) but he was nothing but an overcreative man with no senso of fashion!!!

    I'm not saying Chloe earned her victory, but Santino was just too much for me!!! If I never see him on TV again it will be too soon!!!moreless