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  • With great songs and must listen to melodys, it must be...

    Sara Bareilles is born in the state of California. That's where she started her career in the music. When she graduated from Eureka High School, she was voted most talented and most likely to succecced. When she got out of high school, she moved to Los Angeles, California to attend UCLA. After graduating from there, Sara went to perform in local bar to earn some money. In the spring of 2003, she got her first album out and in the fall of 2003 she got her second album out. After that she went and got another album out called Careful Confessions. After that, she released a new album in 2007 called Little Voices. That included the top 10 song, Love Song. Love Song is her best song to date. She worked on Little Voices for two years. one year making the songs and one year recording songs.

    Overall, Sara Bareilles is a great person, a great singer, and like they said in high school. Most talented and most likely to succecced!