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Sara Foster


10/2/1981, United States

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Sara Foster, Sarah Foster
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A former model, Sara Foster is the daughter of famed Canadian composer David Foster. She also appeared in the Backstreet Boys video "Shape of My Heart". She hosted 10 episodes of the program ET on MTV, an Entertainment Tonight style show. Through her work on the program, she…more


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    • Sara is #52 in Maxim Hot 100 list of 2006.

    • Interviewer: Well, you got your big break with The Big Bounce, alongside a pretty big-name cast. So we have to ask…How long before Morgan Freeman hit on you?
      Sara: I'm not afraid to say things in interviews, but he never did. I swear! I'm a pretty perceptive girl—I can tell.

      Interviewer: Owen Wilson?
      Sara: Nope. Owen and I had an extremely brotherly-sisterly relationship, to the point that, when we had to do our love scene, we couldn't do it. We laughed the whole time, like, "How the hell are you and I supposed to be intimate?" But we did it. We made it work.

    • Interviewer: OK, we have a gun to a kitten's head, and we'll shoot it unless you say something nasty about one of your D.E.B.S. costars.
      Sara: Since I'm forced, let me start out by saying that there was no cattiness on the set at all. When you have five girls together, there's bound to be some cat-fighting, but there wasn't.

    • Interviewer: Most actors won't admit they like to party. Come clean. You party, don't you?
      Sara: I'm not one of those people who are all like, "I'm so boring, I sit on my butt all day," when they're out at the club twice a week. I went through a phase of going out a lot. I started getting into clubs when I was 15. I had fun, but I got it out of my system. That's not to say I'm a nun…

    • Interviewer: You've been in the gossip pages before, linked to Leonardo DiCaprio and Benicio Del Toro. Does it piss you off?
      Sara: Look, this is a crazy business, and you have to love it no matter what. And there is an element of choice in it. You don't have to sit on the floor at a Lakers game; you don't have to eat at the Ivy all the time. People know that. You can avoid it, but you can also ask for it.

    • Interviewer: So D.E.B.S. is about hot spies in schoolgirl outfits. Aren't you worried about male fantasy overload? Do you gals also sneeze Super Bowl tickets?
      Sara: C'mon, in every movie there's some hot chick, but this movie has a funny concept. The people who get it will see it five times, and then there will be people who won't get it. It's over the top, but I still think it's going to appeal to all audiences. Sure, some will just be interested in the uniforms, but some skirts are shorter than others. Mine is "mid." And Jordana [Brewster] is not in a skirt…and neither is Michael Clarke Duncan. I think some people are going to be disappointed by that.

    • Sara: I've been asked, but I don't say yes. I don't even get approached that often. Every girl gets hit on, but I don't get hit on in any crazy ways. Usually what I get is, 'Hi. I'm a producer.' But then I'm always like, 'Oh…good for you.'

    • Sara had to make her hair look really blond in D.E.B.S.

    • Sara said she was nervous to do a kissing scene with Jordana Brewster in her movie, D.E.B.S.

    • Sara started modeling in the age of 16.

    • Sara introduced Ashton Kutcher to Demi Moore.

    • Sara was engaged to Ashley Hamilton in 2000.

    • Sara played as Nancy Hayes in her movie The Big Bounce.

    • Sara is in the movie The Big Bounce with Owen Wilson, Morgan Freeman and Gary Sinise.

    • Sara is #10 in Maxim Hot 100 list of 2005.

    • Sara is an actress and ex-top model. One of her sisters is a song writer, her dad is a musician and her mom is a ballet dancer.

    • Sara has been on the cover of Maxim twice.

    • Sara's father's name is David Foster who is also a musician.

    • Sara has modelled for companies such as Guess? and Tommy Hilfiger and such magazines as GQ.

    • Sara was born in 1981.

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