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  • make over

  • I Love you Sara, but please it's time for a new style!!!!

    I love have followed her for years on TV, but she really needs a new hair style. I know that we are supposed to accept people for who they are. Which most of us do. But her hair always looks so messy. She would look so cute to cut it ,style it around her face or what ever the stylist think is the best for her. I know the stylist would love to get a hold of her to change her hair style. Please please Sara do it !!!
  • shame on you

    I am not against the gay lifestyle at all but when you were asked what your dream job would be, you answered gynecologist! That remark was so unnecessary and out of place on national tv . Your lifestyle is your choice as it should be but I personally do not want to hear about it. Last time I will watch The Talk.
  • Congrats

    I watched a few weeks ago when you talked about the supreme court and the gay marriage legislation. Until that time I really hadn't thought alot about the subject but you were so earnest and honest about it being about everyone having the right be happy and a family like everyone else and it struck as such a simple decision, of course anyone should be able to marry and raise childen with whomever they choose. I am so happy to hear about your getting engaged. Congratulations to both of you.
  • Congrats

    I wish you the best!!! My daughter just married her best friend and soulmate they also included my grandaughter in their ceremomy. These 2 girls amaze me in there commitment to each other and to my granddaughter, they also themed there wedding to the Doctor who show, it was such a fun ceremony!!!

    You are amazing and I believe in sam sex marriage also. I wish you the best!! I'am gay too. hun
  • Very talented and funn Miss Sara

    Hi Sara,

    You are such a funny young lady & I enjoy watching you on the talk.

    I never miss your show. All of you ladies make my day brighter.

    I just wnted to tell you how much of a talent you are and always have been.

    Oh & by the way I love the heals you wear on the show so if you ever want to let a pair go I will take them.

    Tell all of the ladies hi and great show!!!
  • Happy Birthday Sara!!

    I know that your birthday isn't until the 29th. but let's start to celebrate now. Can I come to the celebration at the studio ?
  • Known as "Darlene" to most.

    Great child actor. Was my favorite in "Roseanne". Funny.
  • A very talented young lady!

    Sara Gilbert is one very talented lady! Having watched her,since her days as a child star on Roseanne,she has continually turned in one creditable appearance after another. Frankly,this young actor has never done an unworthy role in my estimation! Her wiry,dark sense of humor,and nearly perfect comedic timing,have served her well,during her lengthy career. While she is still best known for her role as Darlene on Roseanne,she has moved on to other roles in television and film that have shown she is a competent dramatic actor also. Sara has moved into direction and production fields too and it can be expected that she will shine there. Motherhood is upcoming in the Fall of 2007 and it is without a doubt that Ms.Gilbert will tackle that to with her usual gusto!
  • Always gave me a good laugh

    I've always loved Sara Gilbert's character Darlene on the show Roseanne. I think she's the reason why I loved the show Roseanne so much. She always played her character well on that show and she was enjoyable to see growing up throughout that show. This woman obviously has talent for making people laugh and you see her liveliness from her characters that she plays. I also loved her performance on the what once was the WB show Twins, it's ashamed they canceled that show because it was pretty funny as well. Overall Sara Gilbert was a kick a§§ actress and I'd like to see her on another show.
  • sara what would we do without you!

    Sara gilbert is basically my favourite actress!i love her so much! i think she was the best on roseanne!she was my favourite character on roseanne!i just loved her humor she was so funny some times!I love how she could just say one line and she would make it so funny!I also loved her in other roles like in posion ivy with drew barrymore and in 30$. I also loved her on er.And i loved her on the class.shes basically great at everything!I am so happy that she is expecting a baby.Congrats sara gilbert!!! !!!! !!!! !!!!! !!! !!! !!!
  • Sara's Hot!

    Sara Gilbert is the real star of "Rosanna," the real star of "Twins," and the real star of "the class." She is a real star a very beautiful woman. Yes, you read this right, she is a very beautiful woman and I'll debate anyone who will disagree with me. She is the one reason why I saw "Twins." It was because of her and her alone. She is beauitful and to me she is also gorgeous. When I see her, my heart just melt like butter. I probaby say it about other woman and I'm going to say it about Sara. I'm in love with her and I see her as gorgeous.
  • Voice of a generation

    Years from now, when people need to find an teen example of Generation X, they only need look as far as Sara Gilbert's performance as Darlene on "Roseanne." She was pitch-perfect. Apathetic, witty, a little depressed. I think the character was one of the great sitcom creations, and Sara Gilbert was always spot on.
  • she is great

    i feel like i can relate to Sara alot, well really Darlene Conner, but from what i can tell she is a lot like Darlene. She is a great actress. She was most deffinatly my favorite actress on roseanne. I feel that i can relate because i tend to boss people around and make jokes like she did all the time. She is the best person that i could think of to cast as Darlene. She was truly amazing. Espeaialy because she was able to go to yale and still be on roseanne at the same time. She is my favorite actress even though i know a lot of people haven't even heard of her before, and i can't wait to see her new show "twins" on the WB