Sara Paxton

Sara Paxton


4/25/1988, Woodland Hills, California, USA

Birth Name

Sara Emily Paxton


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Sara Paxton was born on April 25, 1988 in Woodland Hills, California and began acting at a young age in television commercials.

She was cast in her first film at the age of 8 as a child at school and at the party in Liar Liar. Her…more


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    • Sara: (On being compared to Alexis Bledel) I have been getting that all the time ever since Gilmore Girls came out. I have been chased down the street before with people yelling, 'Alexis, Alexis, you're blonde now!' And I'm like, 'No, my name is Sara and I've always been blonde!'

    • Sara: (On modeling) I have a lot of fun playing a model on television, and I love being an actress. I don't think I could ever handle that world. It's one thing going into an audition and being judged for your work. It's a whole other thing going into a room and being judged on your looks. So I do not think I could handle it.

    • Sara: (On how she deals with catty, jealous girls) No matter who you are, or what you're doing, there's always going to be someone that wants to be better than you. So I try to take the high road and be the bigger person. That way, you always win in the end!

    • Sara: (On how she keeps her friendships strong as she gets older) I think that number one, Stephanie (her best friend) and I talk every day, no matter how busy we are. And I'm always there for her no matter what. I think that's the most important thing: I always make time for her. Even if she's going through a hard time. I think girls should realize that they need to stick together and not fight. It's such a problem right now, girls can be so mean. But we're all in the same boat and we should all help each other. I think that confuses a lot of girls. Stephanie and I never let a guy or a rumor or anything like that tear us apart.

    • Sara: (On middle school) Oh, I had probably the best time in middle school! I'd say that I enjoyed middle school ten times more than I did high school. I didn't feel the pressure to be cool yet. I didn't feel the pressure to wear makeup or wear anything fashionable. I wasn't interested in boys. And I just had a really good time with my best friend Stephanie, who's still my best friend to this day. I went to school every day with no makeup on and my baggy sweatshirt, and we were just the biggest goofballs. And I got to focus on school more because there were no distractions with boys and makeup and hair and everything. I loved it. I just thought it was the best time ever. Then all of a sudden high school kicked in…and girls got catty and boys were weird…everything got strange!

    • Sara: (On binge drinking) I didn't even realize that this was such a big problem. I knew about the stereotype of kids going off to college and going crazy and stuff, but it didn't actually register in my brain that kids die every year from this kind of behavior. While we were filming on set - we filmed at a real college - we were going up to the dorm one day and one of the girls who lived there told us that that morning, a girl was taken to the hospital because she wasn't breathing, because she was binge drinking all night. Talk about life imitating art! You know it's a problem when what you're filming is actually happening.

    • Sara: I've been singing my whole life and I wanted to do singing and acting at the same time but acting just took off further than singing. And then I got the opportunity to sing on the soundtrack and now I have my own album coming out so I'm really excited about that.

    • Sara: I don't think I have a favorite anything but I love it so much when we have all the cute animals like bunnies and kitties and hamsters.

    • Sara: Working on Darcy's Wild Life seems really easy because it's like summer camp because all the kids get along so well.

    • Sara: I just think that when you're thrown into the whole Hollywood scene, it makes things a little bit worse because you have more freedom than regular teenagers do.

    • Sara: I think that no matter what you're doing as a teenager, you're going to be presented with peer pressure. I went through normal school my whole life, and I hung around with kids who weren't involved in the movie business at all, and I was still presented with those issues.

    • Sara: I think the biggest myth is that you can't die from alcohol, but you can. You can actually drink yourself to death from too much alcohol, but there are also so many accidents that happen in school from drinking.

    • Sara: I think it's a problem that there are all these celebrities getting into trouble with alcohol and drugs, and nothing is happening to them. There's no legal action, they're not in jail.

    • Sara: I knew about the stereotype of kids going off to college and going crazy and stuff, but it didn't actually register in my brain that kids die every year from this kind of behavior.

    • Sara: (On her role in The Party Never Stops)I was looking for something different to do. I started getting the feeling that people always expected me to play the funny girl, and I love doing that, but I want people to know I can do other stuff.

    • Sara: I used to always make New Year's resolutions, but I can't seem to ever keep them. Every single year, I resolve to do the same thing, which is to stop biting my nails. Hopefully, this one [2008] will be the year that I actually do it. It's a really hard habit to kick!

    • Sara: (on making "Aquamarine") I had so much fun making it. It was definitely one of the best filming experiences ever for me. I mean, please, we're like in Australia--that's just amazing on its own. But the Australians are so nice. Like when they say no worries, they literally mean no worries. Like they don't worry about anything! And I wasn't stressed at all. And then JoJo and Emma...We were just really close and we'd hang out in my room and watch movies, and we ate pizza like every day. [laughs] You should just see the way we ate. It was not healthy. But JoJo ate really healthy. There was like this vegan restaurant, and she would go over there...We definitely had a really good time. And the crew was so nice, and it was definitely an experience I won't forget.

    • Sara: (on her favorite beach) Well, we lived on the beach in Australia. We lived in a place called Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast, and it was amazing. The sand was just totally white and the water was like 80, 85 degrees. But also, I go to Hawaii once a year with my family, and I go to Maui. And that's like an amazing beach, and I love staying there also.

    • Sara: I listen to all kinds of music. But people are really actually surprised to find out that I'm like a really big classic rock fan. Like the Rolling Stones are my favorite band. And when I was little, my mom had to inform me that John Lennon was dead. I didn't know that. I thought they were like a current group when I was in fourth grade. My mom was like, "Honey, I just want you to know, there's other music out there. There's Britney Spears! And 'N Sync! And John Lennon is dead." I was like, "Noooo!" And then I was like, "They're old? No!" But I still love 'em.

    • Sara: People don't believe me but I'm not lying to you. I'm always in the corner reading Lord of the Rings.

    • Sara: Greetings from Tucson is about a half Irish/half Mexican family. I am half Mexican actually, in real life.

    • Sara: I've been singing my whole life and I wanted to do singing and acting at the same time but acting just took off further than singing. And then I got the opportunity to sing on the soundtrack and now I have my own album coming out so I'm really excited about that.

    • Sara (about Greetings from Tucson): It's hilarious whether you are Hispanic or not. I get a lot of it because of my family. You can really relate to it because it is so every-day.

    • Sara: I could relate to her by being made fun of by those girls. All those girls in high school…

    • Sara: At my school, the dork spot is like the pizza spot. And the cool spot was the vending machine area. I never sat at the cool spot.

    • Sara: I have all these pictures of all the girls with candy wrappers all over them while they're sleeping.

    • Sara: On the set, actually, all the girls had a sleepover together at a hotel. It was so much fun. We played Twister and it was the day after Halloween so we were on a sugar high.

    • Sara: I'm such a dork. I'm always in the corner reading Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings.

    • Sara: In one episode, the boy is learning how to drive and I think everyone has gone through that. It's just funny and it's a different kind of family so it makes it more interesting.

    • Sara: Working on Darcy's Wild Life seems really easy because it's like summer camp 'cause all the kids get along so well. I mean we come to work, but we have to remember that we're working 'cause we always have so much fun and we're always laughing. But it's really difficult 'cause I'm away from my friends and family for five months out of the year.

    • Sara: My mother is from Mexico and I speak a little bit of Spanish. I used to speak a whole lot but you know, you kind of forget over the years.

    • Sara (about playing a girl in a wheelchair): We stayed in a hotel because it was in Salt Lake City, so I had to like practice rolling around the lobby and everyone was really nice to me and then suddenly I stood up and everyone was like "OMG!" and I was like NO NO!

    • Sara: Actually I sang at 'Debbie Reynolds' once! I sang and I danced.

    • Sara: I loved being in front of the camera and in front of people a lot, and then I got an agent, and a manager.

    • Sara: I think I want to go maybe deeper like be a director or start my own production company.

    • Sara: I never actually thought about it, but who doesn't want to be like J-Lo!

    • Sara: When I went to my first audition I got it, and the rest is history!

    • Sara: My aunt owns a clothing store, and when I was real little me and my cousins, we used to model for her store, and so I guess that's how I got involved in the "showbiz" or whatever you want to call it!

    • Sara: My favorite show is Smallville. I love it. I actually got to meet Tom Welling the other day, and I couldn't even keep my mouth shut!

    • Sara: I really look up to Reese Witherspoon and Goldie Hawn. I think those are my two favorite actresses.

    • Sara: I just started acting classes just for fun, and I liked that a lot.

    • Sara: I started acting when I was 6 & 1/2 and yeah, I think I always really loved it, but when I was little I didn't know for sure, but now I think I do.

    • Sara (about Jim Carrey): He is so funny! I had so much fun working with him, in the movie I had to come up to him and ask him where babies were from, because you know he couldn't lie. It was funny especially when he actually answered truthfully, and I didn't even really understand what he was talking about because I was like seven! It was a lot of fun.

    • Sara: (On where she loves to shop) There's this store called American Rags on La Brea that I really love because I don't like wearing the same things as other people. I hate when people are like "You have that? Oh, I have that too! Yay!" And, so, they have a lot of different things so I like going in there and picking up individual pieces that are unique. And there's this vintage sunglasses store on Beverly that I'm obsessed with. I'm obsessed with vintage sunglasses because then nobody else can have them. Everyone's like "Ooo where's you get your sunglasses?" And I'm like "Oh they're vintage." And I feel cool when I say that.