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  • Love you always

    I have been watching this show for sometime and i did download it all until the latest episode until now but since you appeared in it it became something else you are not impressive actress and singer but as a person i am sure you are the same and much more, i have been looking all over the net for your work and i am collecting it i would love as a video editor to make something for you which i hope you see and maybe you like, you so spontaneous and so normal acting person i feel what you do and what you say, i know it crazy but who knows, wishing you all the best.
  • Love her on "Grey's"

    Great actress. Love how she is not scared to play a gay woman on tv.
  • As an actress and a person, I am totally impressed w/ Sara Ramirez.

    Not only is she a fantastic acress on "Grey's Anatomy", she is a Tony award-winning singer and seems like an overall sweet and amazing person. As an actress she plays dramatic scenes beautifully, but I have to admit that I prefer the more playful side of Sara that is allowed to sneek through in her character of Calli, but is given full reign in "Spamalot". In the interviews I have seen of Sara, she seems like a very kind and good-spirited human being. All this on top of the fact that she is very open to being an activist for equality for all. I have to say that I look forward to continuing to watch whatever projects she decides to be a part of.
  • Callie rocks !

    Omg , I just love Callie ! She's my favourite character on the show ! She's beautiful and smart and really funny ! The scene when she's dancing in her underwear was soo funny!She always said that the directors didn't have problems with the fact that she's not skinny like meredith and the other girls , and thats a good thing because she's a real woman , with curves. I always thought that she would end up with Mark Sloan , they are just so funny together ! Friends with benefits :P It was a real shocker when she kissed Erica !! Omggg , But I have no problem with her being gay She's just so great with everybody ! ..
  • AMAZING! loveeee her in Greys, and as a singer too! she also is soo pretty!

    ok she is like the best person you will ever meet because she is a talented actress and singer!! she was like the BEST addition to greys anatomy and the show wouldnt be the same with her not in it. my favorite song by her is FIND YOUR GRAIL, which was in spamalot, and she has like the perfect voice!! she is soooo pretty too!!!! she lost soo much wieght recently, and looks amazing!! i would kill to be a part of greys anatomy so i could actually meet her in person!!! they should never take her off of the show.
  • She has talent and a great addition to the cast

    She has great facial expressions. Her personality on the show is not annoying like Izzy. She is unfortunately under used in the show. I think she could really beef up some of the story lines. I wish her and George would try and work it out but typical blond in the way. When did this show become like every other show. The creator Shondra is just grasping and replaying what is out there. Use the cast you have and make a better story line with humor and tears and the range of emotions that has you talking about after the show is over not another soap opera. Geesh!
  • Sara Ramirez currently plays Callie Torres on Grey's Anatomy and has previously appeared in Spiderman and You've Got Mail.

    I first knew of Sara Ramirez from her Tony award winning portrayal of the Lady of the Lake in Monty Python's Spamalot. She was so excellent in it with a great voice and amazing comic timing that I became an instant fan. When I first heard about her appearing on Grey's Anatomy I was very excited one of my favourite actresses appearing in one of my favourite shows. I was not dissapointed, Sara's Callie Torres has quickly become one of my favourite characters on tv period. She is an actress with many different colours of emotion and creativity. Sara also is a wonderful comic release from the intense drama in Grey's Anatomy and I look forward to her storylines each week. I will continue to watch anything that she is in, in the future as well and I am sure that this is only the beginning of a very successful career.
  • Great Addition to Grey's Anatomy

    Sara is a wonderful actress. There should be so many more like her. She makes a fine addition to Grey's Anatomy. I hope they keep her on the show. SARA RAMIREZ is currently shooting Grey's Anatomy, after a great year as The Lady of the Lake in Monty Python's Spamalot for which she won both The Tony Award for Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a Musical and The Outer Critics Circle Award for Outstanding featured Actress in a Musical.

    Sara made her Broadway debut as Wahzinak in Paul Simon's The Capeman, starred in The Gershwins' Fascinating Rhythm, for which she received an Outer Critics Circle nomination for Best Actress, and was in Broadway’s A Class Act as Felicia. Off-Broadway she had the honor of performing The Vagina Monologues with Tovah Feldshuh and Suzanne Bertish. Regionally Sara was in The Game as Marquise de Merteuil at The Barrington Stage Company, Anna Deveare Smith's Piano as Alicia at IACD and in starred as Josie in Barrio Babies at the Denver Center.

    Sara spent part of her 2004 summer at The Williamstown Theatre Festival and then returned to the role of Hannah on As the World Turns. In the 2004 season finale of NYPD Blue titled "Who's Your Daddy?", she guest starred as Irma Leone (the original air date was May 11). Sara filmed the Untitled Hotel Project for ABC/Warner Brothers for the 2004 season. Her other television credits include Baseball Wives (series regular an HBO pilot), Law & Order SVU (twice), Welcome to New York, Star Patrol (Fox Pilot), Third Watch, Spin City, Talk To Me, As The World Turns (twice).

    Her involvement in NY workshops includes: Lennon workshop directed by Don Scardino, Carnival (for Radio City Music Hall), The Laura Nyro Project, and MTC's The Wild Party (Kate). If you've seen You've Got Mail! you've seen Sara as the Zabar's Cashier. She can also be seen in Spiderman (Cop) and in Washington Heights (Belkis) and the film Going Under.

    Her concerts include Martinis at the Martin Sara Ramirez with Hollis Resnik at The Ravinia, Bravo! Bernstein (MTW'S 20th ANNIVERSARY GALA CONCERT) at the Hudson Theatre and The Barrington Stage Company Gala where she sang "Wanting Her More" from The Game. She is a Graduate of The Juilliard School's Drama Division.
  • Sara Ramirez is a multi-talented rising star.

    Sara Ramirez is a rising star with many talents. She won a Tony in 2005 for her role in Spamalot and then went on to play a doctor in Grey's Anatomy. She also sings jazz. She certainly has many facets to her.

    When I first saw Sara in her role as Callie in Grey's anatomy, I never imagined that the real Sara was anything but a talented actress. She took to her role as a young senior resident physician, who falls for Dr. George O'Malley very well. You feel her joy and frustration in the way she tries to deal with George and his friends. Sara also shows the loneliness of being a professional woman in a field where there is little time to socialize and where it is difficult to pursue relationships. I look forward to seeing Sara in more television in the future and I would not be surprised if the next role is completely different from Callie. Sara has the talent to play any role. My personal bias is to have her sing both jazz and Broadway material in it because she has an amazing voice. Like with her acting, she makes it seem to effortless.
  • Sara Ramirez ROCKS!

    Why this woman isn't credited for her speaking role on Gray's Anatomy is beyond me.

    Sara is a talented young woman with curves that would make a pitbull break his leg... on purpose.

    I hope and wouldn't be surprised to see this talented young woman in many more roles.

    Sing, dance, act, play ... I think the only thing she can't do is marry me, cause I'm already spoken for.

    If you ever get a chance to see Sara live, take it!