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    • Sara: I'd be a black lab, because it would be fun to just lay in the sun, go to the bathroom, eat, and then lay again.

    • Sara: Being a household name--does that equal success? I don't think so. I think success is working. A lot of people talk about working hard and being rejected for shows, but you have to pay your dues and work on your craft and prove to yourself--and maybe to others as well--that you can do this.

    • Sara: Being Latina has worked in my favor more often than not. I've never had to change my name. More and more, on Broadway, people are thinking outside of the box. Unless you're Denzel Washington in Julius Caesar, though, it can still be very difficult.

    • Sara: It's cool to represent a group of women who aren't stick-thin.

    • Sara: The weird thing about working in television is that you only see the people that you're in scenes with. It's not like you're all running around the set together. So if you're going to hang out together, you kind of have to make an effort. And I think people have families, people have lives.

    • Sara: TV work is, well... different. Sorry for the cliché, but its true. The hours can be grueling, but the flip side is that you have more days off at a time.

    • Sara: (Talking about her weight) What's funny is, nobody from the show ever pressured me about it. Nobody every said "You're getting a little heavy." Instead they wrote scenes for me to dance around half-naked in my underwear!

    • Sara: I love to go dancing-salsa, hip-hop, disco. Any kind of music that makes me want to move. It's a great release.

    • Sara: (on her first Hollywood crush) Tom Hanks in Big. He was funny, sexy, sweet and playful.

    • Sara: I'm glad to be a role model, but beyond that I'm a flawed human being, someone who continues to deal with my body image and what my purpose is on the planet.

    • Sara: (after being asked which fans are more rabid - Monty Python fans or Grey's Anatomy fans) Monty Python. They show up in costume.

    • Sara: (when being asked about whether she liked Grey's Anatomy before she starred on it) Oh, yes! As a Latin person, I was really proud to see the ethnic people on the show. I thought, Wow, there are no color limits. Nobody's making comments about how there are African-Americans on the show and an Asian on the show. However, I did think, Where's the Latin person?

    • Sara: (after seeing herself on an advertisement) Oh my God. That is so weird.

    • Sara: (after seeing herself on an advertisement) For one of the first times, I'm looking at myself going, 'Yeah, I'm OK with that'.

    • Sara: (On her Spamalot male co-stars) I think they helped me tap into a sillier side of myself.