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  • Beautiful actress with superb comedic timing

    Sarah Alexander is one of only a handful of female actresses who can make me burst out in laughter. Her performances in 'Coupling' are superb - she can deliver punch lines with the sort of comedic timing that I would normally associate with people such as Hugh Lawrie or Rowan Atkinson (which is high praise I realise).

    I'm not sure how she'd do outside of her comfort zone playing a confident and dominant female - I don't know if she could pull off a cute, clumsy role for instance, but given roles as in Green Wing, Coupling and The Worst Week of My Life, she'll always give me plenty of giggles
  • A beautiful and talented woman.

    Although she is mostly a comedic actress she does well in other roles. She has been in television, movies, and theatre. But she is most remembered in comedy shows in Britain and in the US namely Teachers on NBC. Comedy might not be the best method of showing depth or flexibility of her talent, but she can always make one laugh which is a skill not everyone has (not intentionally). She is also working on creating her own show and writing with some prety big names in the entertainment industry, whether it will work out or not is another story.