Sarah Baker





9/21/1990 , Wheaton, Illinois

Birth Name

Sarah Nicole Baker




Sarah was born in Wheaton Illinois. she grew up in her hometown for 12 years and went to long-fellow elementary school and ended up in franklin middle school. when she was 4 she started in plays and appeared in her first play the Wizard of Oz. from then on she was in millions of other plays. When she was 12 her dream was to become famous and move to California to become a super star. So her family moved to downers grove when she just turned 13 so they were closer to chicago. That way, she could go on many more auditions and get there in little time. She also had a huge dream of becoming a super model. so she went out and got an agent. She appeared on jewelry boxs and did some runway. but then she got her headshots and was ready to go on auditions for acting. Sarah would go on at least 10 auditions and people would turn her down, but she would never give up she still wanted to become a star and she was determined. Well, the final audition came for this show and she gave it a shot. Sarah didn't get a call back for at least two weeks, so she thought that maybe she wasn't the one they wanted. but the call came. and endurance want da tape of her to send in. so she did and waited about two more weeks. and they called again. this time they wanted to tape a day of her life.. so they would interview her and do all kinds of things. the tv crew decided that she should go to a restaurant and they could tape there to see what her personality was like. Well ofcorse they had something else in mind. JD showed up in the restaurant to give Sarah the good news about the show. and the rest is history. she is still trying to get a serious career in modeling and acting.